Today. Well, I have no idea what got into today. I see the sidebar is still missing. Add a boy whose been throwing up, a girl to go get from school in an hour, a third who is bored to death (thanks for the rescue Daddy), picture day at school we could not miss, a gas inspection I forgot about and needed to be present for (Aaaaah!) and rescuing grandparents I could not live without.

So many rescues since that I'm dizzy...just to make a simple day work. Yeesh.

A gas leak in the gas line to my house -- I've run all over town for parts...replaced three valved to get good shutoffs...still a leak. Finally found another under the house...now we need to rip up the deck and instal another cutoff to make sure that's it. At least it's been outside. They found a small leak in the attic above the garage. Still not holding pressure...now holes in the back yard (did I mention my husband is out there digging with one good hand? Wow.)

If the gas company ever wants to inspect your house for gas leaks...do it. They told me it would take an hour and a half...it's like seven hours later and still clocking. I won't have gas at all until we get that fixed. Glad we found out there are leaks, and at least they were small and outside. Now that they've blown air pressure throught the lines and cleared all the cobwebs and such? Big leaks.

Thank God for microwaves!

I'm worn out and have been stressed out for so long I have no stress left :-).

It's 2:00--just I've tried the nap--my humor may be returning somewhat. Well, I have a minute to sit down a minute and focus anyway.

Boy! I'm REAL glad yesterday was such fun but it sure does make today long and hard!

Well, I'd like to keep playing, but I'd better "bond" with my laundry room before the troop comes back to light pilots (hopefully). They needed to be in the most messy spots of my house... as all repairmen tend to do...all 5 of them. How embarrassing. Oh, I guess everybody's laundry room looks like a total mess. If yours doesn't, please don't tell me about it today!

On to whites...sorting socks...my very favorite! (Not!)



Misty said...

Hang in there girl! I think we're going in for round two of teething here. No. 1 popped up, now no. 2 is pushing it's way in. Makes for grumpy, whiny, sleepy baby. Good to share our struggles with friends. Glad your family is so supportive--you're blessed!

terrible speller said...

wow what a day. that is one for the records!