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Tunz is stuck. Good question to mull. I'll think on it today. See if you guys come up with anything.

Am studying "Parenting with Purpose and Grace" at this time. Was stumped by the question...How do you know when you are loved?

It's not the big things in life that confuse me.

Any understanding for this?

I wrote an answer, but it keeps getting deeper and deeper depending on who I think about! I deleted my first attempt. I'll try again later.

Look forward to those who might have thoughts. I've got a full day today...I'd better sit on it and travel with it.


Magnanimity said...

How Do I Know When I Am Loved. I was going to have this on my brain all day if I didn't just go ahead and try to answer!

I think of this question in tiers…here’s two of them:

The first people who come to mind are people who give me warm fuzzies…they make me smile. They push me past my comfort zones, out of my walls, let me fail, don’t let me condemn myself, cover me with grace, and yet challenge me. They check on me sometimes, let me go on my own sometimes. They give me a hug if it’s been too long… even when they know when I’m being too self- absorbed for my own good. They help me, comfort me, and let me know when I seem on track and guide me when I seem off track. Those are my favorite people who love me. They may get on my nerves from time to time...but their perseverance and steadfast commitment lets me know they are still "with me" no matter what.

Then, there are others. There are the difficult people who love me. These people might be abrasive and incapable of “showing” love or knowing how to love. Sometimes, they even have their own forceful agendas that make me shake my head and actually feel hated and disregarded by them. They annoy me. I don't like working with them. Everything is a strain. I want to give up. But, I know they love me as they are capable of knowing how to love. They might self-centered in making plans, critical, and make me feel terrible. I may not enjoy their company.

But, times I've broken down and tried to talk to them, you know what I find? They cry. In tears, they tell me they do love me. I may get on their nerves, too, in fact.

Some people have to be in the right mood to show love--or the moon has to be in alignment with the seven star from the fourth planet or something.

Love. More of a skill than an emotion. A commitment.

I'll be interested in the comments of others.

Sarah said...

Hey, re: the birthday party..check out www.birthdaypartyideas.com and also www.familyfun.com. Maybe you'll get inspired or at least it may lead you to another site that will have some good ideas. Good luck!

edee said...

About the question, "How do I know I am loved?"....I could go into a long explanation, but no time for that now (church starts in a few minutes). However, I do want to recommend a book by Gary Chapman. I think the title is The Five Love Languages. My mind is tired now and I can't seem to recall, but there may even be one called the Five Love Languages of Children.

tunz4jesus said...

Great input, I am just amazed at how you (me) were able to articulate the different "loves" you receive and that you did not judge them but found merit in the giver's attempt if I hear you correctly. Edee, thanks for he book reccomendation, I will explore that. Now one of today's questions was, how do my children know they are loved? Better go give some kisses....thanks