I did have somewhat of a quiet time this morning I guess. I just didn't feel like praying, so it didn't feel like a great one.

I read in my A-Z book of attributes of God while the kids ate breakfast...just needed to be reminded of his character and sovereignty this morning.

Working and cleaning today, I realize that I've heard this same scripture, same translation, 4 times in the last two days--never heard it before today that I recall. Hmmm. Time to examine...

"For the Holy Spirit, God's gift,
does not want you to be afraid of people,
but to be wise
and strong,
and to love them
and enjoy being with them." 2 Timothy 1:7 TLB.

Does that hit you as hard as it does me?

Are we really afraid of each other?

Not afraid, as in terrified, but afraid, as in...I don't want to be hurt (not again, never again), or mistaken, misunderstood, or taken advantage of, or inconvenienced....

You know, I think that God wants us to grant the blessing to others of honoring them by enjoying them. Not just tolerating them or enduring them, or passing by them, or greeting them. To enjoy them. Truly. The people He has made. To learn to enjoy being with them. To forgive. To accept. To trust Him by allowing ourselves to enjoy them...all.

Wow. How hard is that?

Sometimes I am too tired. Preoccupied. Careful. Guarded.

Something new to work on! I need to make sure I am still enjoying all His people! To be "wise and strong", but enjoy.


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