Okay, so if you are a family member who can't get enough of me ;-)
(and there are a couple of you out there, God bless you),
welcome to the inner sanctum with that last post.

Until more is known, I wanted to ask you to please keep your hats on
that information until more is known. My pregnancies have not been without worry, physical stress for me, and strain for the whole family--I have a heart condition that keeps it quite interesting! God challenges me for sure. I'll keep you posted-- if you behave. :-)

If you've already told family...well, that happens, too. A risk I took in choosing to have fun. Some carry my stress and really can't afford to when there is no real stress.

I'd sure appreciate it! Pinky swear?


Misty said...

Well, this is new news! Ok, hoping there is no news for you, really. Oh, my the stress of not knowing. When WILL you know? I'll drink extra coffee for you today. ;)

Magnanimity said...

Yeah. I don't know when I'll know for sure. I have two more weeks left of this pack, so possibly then. And do I keep taking these or not...and all that?! I'm in denial right now...but the maternal churning is interesting again I have to say.