The Lost Quiet Time

Well, Tunz commented on the inspirational nature of the mulling of "Quiet Times". I was so excited I thought I'd go back and see what it said.

Know what? It's gone! Somebody took it!

Either that or I thought it was way too long and deleted it. (I did learn code for truncating posts today, I know you are thanking me).

So, recap: the first thought in that great and inspiring peice was: 1. There is no reason Quiet Times can't be creative and based on/using other interests you have to keep them vibrant instead of just rote. See, Morning Light. Consider things like scrapbooking scriptures if your brain or emotions are dead (if you get into that), writing a song if you can't engage, take a walk--just enjoy Him for a few days.

Don't look for distractions. But, my point is, some days, you need to do what it takes to involve yourself more fully.

Jesus didn't carry lists or a journal if you get my drift. And walking on water sounds like a bit of fun to me! I think he was having a ball out there scarying the guys somehow. I can just hear him saying: "I knew that one would get 'em." snicker. Frankly, I bet he did rock wall climbing to get up that mount, too. Why do you think he always went to the mount? (Okay, holy place. But other than that?)

I'm using my imagination here, but the guy just didn't seem stuffy to me...seemed like he had a good time doing what he did and took the time not just to be "disciplined", though he was disciplined through the things which he suffered, scripture tells us. He enjoyed God. Enjoyed that time. Was refilled and refueled and prepared. I love to feel prepared, don't you? Nothing like it.

So. #2. The balance I suppose. Discipline is not always fun. No discipline is pleasant at the time.

So, a paradox here.

Know Him...know the word.

I'm just making the point here that we have to find a way to make the things we think we don't like doing fun for us--as much fun as we can.

With that in mind, as I said before, studying in college was often not "fun" for me. I got sick for tests, but I continued to study-- sitting on the toilet. I had a goal (besides getting off the toilet). Do we still have a goal? The goal made it fun for me (okay, at least bearable). The goal made the obstacles feel worth hurdling. The dings and scrapes worth it.

What's your goal? How are you letting him challenge you? Some of you are doing GREAT...better than I ever have. But somebody needs to know that He blesses those who fervently seek Him. Go for it. Run the race with endurance. Meet the goal. As you run toward the goal, if you get tired...stop and enjoy the view.



terrible speller said...

I have enjoyed this post. Great encouragement. Thanks.

tunz4jesus said...

I'm sure there was a Divine intervention in the cyberdislocation of my reply! Am studying "Parenting with Purpose and Grace" at this time. Was stumped by the question...How do you know when you are loved? It's not the big things in life that confuse me, any understanding for this?