40 Days of Community Begins!

Today was awesome. 40 Days of Community Started.

Band? Had a new bass and monitors were still wacked, but there was such a buzz with newness.

I had been grieving changes of our small group "mutliplying", but we still had 19! The new group had 30 some odd flock into it--we had to take them chairs! People looking for a place. Great!

God is good. Members in our class who seldom share in a larger group DID in a smaller one. Incredible--we counted 7-8 who never share and did today.

Group dynamics are so predictable, yet it feels unpredictable every time. Why do we doubt? So much room to grow and become something new again!

Praying about those I can reach for Christ...the hump I need to get over...evangelism. I'm now getting hit by MasterLife AND Saddleback's pastor! A new study to do to kick me in the tail to add to MasterLife. Funny, thinking back, I prayed SO HARD for God to get me to the next level this year! I'm seeing that it must take two intensive classes hitting me at a time to move me, but by golly, He is sure pushing me, and I LOVE IT!

Wow. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the feeling of freedom to grow and be and do for you, to learn to love...to reach a community for you!


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