Tuesday StuFfs

Lunchtime Check-In. Warning: today's noon post is rather boring.
I'm warning you.

Still here?

Okay, well...here's what's on my mind:
  • Vaccummed two rooms before 8. That was actually fun to get done early.
  • 9--took 30 minute walk with Misty pushing a 40 lb. toddler. No "roadkill" today. GREAT breeze. Guarded my knee flared with tendonitis. Many laughs...she identified the Linsey Wilson "blog stalker" for me. I feel much safer now. (Hi, LW!) :-) Glad you keep me company now!
  • 10:00--home: Ate World's Finest Chocolate Carmel Chocolate bar. Out of Krispies...:-( I know this seems counterproductive, but it's for the children. We must stay balanced in our goals. :-)
  • Had Quiet Time with my "Attributes/Names of God" book. Practiced some new guitar chords.
  • 11- Short nap with breeze blowing through the window. The walk wore me out and Red was happy on the computer.
  • Woke to phonecall. Enjoyed the stillness and breeze for some time. Quiet...Peaceful....Still. Listened for a while...mulled productive possibilities for the day.
  • 12-Laundry calls. Will get clothes washed for baby drive with 40 Days of Community/Put away kids summer clothes cluttering the laundry room/
  • Need to also write four cards. Play with "Red". Plan Son's 9 yr. old birthday party for Saturday (short out of town trip to try to find "Transformer" decor tomorrow!)

I'd better get all caught up today.

Adios Amigos! Vamanos!


Cheryl said...

Blog Stalker here! Hope that you don't mind me reading your blogs. I do get inspired I must say by you and by misty. She got me to reading them and I enjoy them very much. It probably looks like I read your blog like 20 times a day, but where I work I constantly get interrupted trying to read and have to click off of it.

Sorry to worry you! I am Bryan's sister! Oh that might not make you feel any better.......just kidding he is a great guy. And Misty oh my goodness what better sister than that? She gave me two angels in my life (Megan and Zoe)

Keep on blogging, you are very interesting!

Blog Stalker .............out

Magnanimity said...

Nice to meet you!

Shoot, Misty just makes me feel guity with all her situps and squats...she's doing great. One goal oriented girl. Inspires me, too!

You are welcome to be here. I am most worried that my life seems interesting to people. Amazingly, since I started blogging, it seems much more interesting to me, too.

Look forward to hearing more from you.