Sat. STufFs

Today, I am PMWF...(painting more white fence). Sounds more hip, happening, and exciting in an abbreviation, I think. For my dear husband, making his day, earning my keep, all that.

He just came in for a break from his job (mowing the fields behind the house) and dropped a Sprite getting it out of the frig. So, I'm mopping the kitchen floor.

Only mopped as far as the computer where I also found chocolate poptart all over my computer desk, and all over the floor where my kids were nesting and playing computer games earlier while I was PMWF. I decided I needed to stop and blog to survive the rest of the mopping experience so that I could move back to the PMWF experience...

There have to be more entertaining ways to spend a Saturday. But I am content. Really. Fulfilled. Completely in my element. With it. Enjoying it. I am. No kidding. I am not thinking about any of the other things I could be doing today. I am focused. Alert. Doing the thing.

Took a leisurely bike ride this morning (led her last weekend, finally....killed my left knee...it's been screaming at me all week). Today...just enjoyed the weather, the trees, even the little Marine guy that passes me and feels compelled to yell "encouaragement" each week: "Better catch up, she's beating you!".

Nope. Not today. Today I was hearing in my head an old youth score we used to sing when I was 14 or so.
"Run your own race,
when everyone is way ahead.
Set your own pace.
Run it like a thoroughbred.
Though you're slow now,
you're still a breed a part.
When the Spirit is running in your heart."

Then, downhill on the fly, playback switched to,
"Believe it or not,
I'm walking on air,
I never thought I could feel so free.
Flying away on a wing and a prayer...
Ccould it be?
Believe it or not, it's just me."

Kind of corny, but I had an enjoyable hours worth of relaxed riding--in pain, still got it done. Felt good to keep going.

Well, Poptart, and Sprite floors call...I can no longer resist (er...don't want to get caught sitting down on the job.)

Have fun!


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