Gas Midday

The main leak seems to be fixed, but we are still losing pressure. The actual plumbers haven't come yet...supposed to come soon.

The gas co. people aren't allowed into the house. They've done all they can outside.

So, wait.
Today, a lot of angst over a lot of things. Hopefully I'll still get things ready for my son's birthday party tomorrow. Good thing I thought to get gifts earlier than usual this year! I better get those wrapped now and plan on cooking later. He'll be 9! Wow. Growing as tall as me!


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Misty said...

Glad to hear the big leak is fixed. I've just had my own near-disaster. For some reason, the heater in my dishwasher over-heated or stayed on too long and started melting my dishes. I kept smelling something, and was afraid it was gas after your experience, but it was the dishwasher. Wierd.