Monday StuFfs

I appreciate you guys. I just wanted you to know that today. I got the most heartfelt calls and emails from several friends today because of the blog connection...what a joy. Some local. Some long distance. Some challenging. Some hysterical.

Thank you. You are the best. You make my life great.

My best guess is, you come here because you must love the Lord and my family...otherwise you couldn't tolerate the bad writing, spelling and grammar. So many of you check several times a day! I could write a well-acclaimed book and not have as many warm fuzzies. (Okay, the money would be nice...very nice, but other than that. And fame isn't a bad thought...but who needs that. And there is nothing like a great title. Anyway...)
Tonight was spectacular.

  • A trip to the store.
  • Enough laundry clean for another day.
  • An awesome fried chicken salad we fixed at home.
  • A chill in the air.
  • Red learning to play "Lego" Racer on the computer, whooping it up, so proud of his ramps. (I'll not have full access to my computer from here on out no doubt!)
  • Teaching him numbers with old flash cards we found cleaning.
  • Scrubbed clean my oven, racks and all.
  • Cleaned out two big cabinets,
  • Cleaned two bathrooms,
  • Finished both study books...

I guess I did get something done somewhere. Well on my way to a life of organization (by the time I'm 70).

I love life.


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