Accomplishment of the Week

Here is the gift stool from my husband. Love it, sitting more every day. Just really a bit traditional for my spa-geared bathroom I think I'm shooting for. Sort of a faux Stucco/Fresco, thing going on.

coincidentally, a friend said to me last week when I was visiting in Tennessee, "I remember you had a big palm tree in your bathroom. I found this nice piece of Waverly fabric at a yardsale and realize I don't have a use for it. Thought you might. Take it. " Palm trees on it.

Well, I didn't have a use for it, hadn't even though of using palm trees.

A week later, we bought the stool.

A few days later my S-I-L said, "You need pics above that tub...I think palm trees would look nice in here."

I remembered the new fabric.

So, today while the laundry cycled, I tried to recover the stool. I thought the staple gun would handle it underneath. No such luck...found out the whole stool would have had to be dismantled.
So, instead I held temporarily it in place with some staples in the corners, then used this curved embroidery needle to topstitch it over the new fabric with a running stitch under the bottom edges. (This needle comes in handy when the kids rip stitching out of your sofa as well. Not that my own darling children would ever do such a thing. Ha.)

Look at that. Don't know how long it will hold, but I like it. Me and rrrgh, rrrgh...the tools.
Palm Tree...did the walls a few months ago, too. The Fresco rough wall thing. Already had everything else scattered around our old house...wicker baskets and chest and stuff. I have a great bathroom in this old house.

Well, that's my first attempt toward the decorating this week. Thanks for the push, Carol.

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