This title reminded me of ROUSs in Princess Bride when I typed it.

Okay, so I've added the RSS feed feature today and all sorts of techno gear to my sidebar...check that out for your "that's a good idea, I think I'll add it to my sidebar in my 'spare time'" pleasure.

My fear is that I can get tempernmental and edit old posts or post and unpost...not sure how RSS handles edits. I try just not to edit much these days, not what blogging is about for me, but some days, the urge hits me to edit and spellcheck an old post. Will you get the same post like four times? Probably so. Just feel the love.

I don't subscribe to anything as of yet, so I'm not actually sure how the whole deal works, but RSS sounds like a great way to keep up with when content changes all on one screen to check "snipets" of posts and such.

For those of you who use it and have asked me about it, let me know how it works out for you... or not!

The Daily--Rainy Day

This is a perfect day. I got the laundry room sort of under control yesterday...well, I can see the floor. Crumbs are sort of under control. I cleaned out a couple cabinets. Well on my way to "Spring Break order of the household mode". Some people like to go out of town the whole week. We use it to get the yard ready for Spring, get Spring clothes/shoes bought for everyone and take one out of town outting--usually involves a hotel with a pool. I prefer the beach in general, but with so much to do...close to home is okay I guess. Just don't show me your tan--K?

Yesterday I planted some bulbs my Dad gave me last year from his yard. I've never gotten bulbs from my Dad...but now that he's been divorced and remarried, dynamics change and odd things happen. (Jobs your mom used to do for you...your dad does, and jobs your dad used to do, well, your stepdad does other odd jobs for you. I don't see my Dad as much, and when I do, I hate to ask him to do the same odd jobs for me he used to do just because he's around. So...some stuff I can't seem to hype myself to get anyway to pay when my Dad can do it for me, but he's not here. They'll probably never get done. Anyway...I have the bulbs! They probably aren't where I will ultimately want them, but will grow now until I get the grow ready under some gravel where I ultimately think I want them...will entail my husband digging the holes for me to prepare the soil correctly. He likes that part. Assuming he has time.

Anyway, this is a good day. I got up, cooked breakfast for my husband, and went back to bed. Furthermore, I fell asleep last night getting to look at some Scrapbook magazines and slept the most peaceful, girl-like sleep. I like to sleep with my husband, but there are certain days in the month when I just want to stay up late, soak in something I love--a magazine, book, or my Bible, and fall asleep in my own place...not worry about waking him up or bother him getting to bed too late. And there is the joy of wallering all over an entire bed and now having to flip when the other person flips, that sort of thing. He usually doesn't sleep well when I'm not there, so I don't do it often, and I miss him. I just need my own bed on occassion. Comes from growing up with my own full bed to myself I suppose.

To add to the allure: our guest bed mattress is the most comfortable mattress in the house. Both my boys had fevers the night before, so we put them there instead of upstairs. Now both back to all their own beds and sleepovers, the bed was still unmade and I missed them. Somehow felt closer being in their unmade bed. Having your kids sick and febrile does weird things to a mom. Just wears on you in a weird way. A maternal way, I suppose. They are so sweet when they are sick...vulnerable and warm and sweet. Until they start getting a bit better...then they are cranky and insatiable!

Anyway, ...this morning, not only did I crawl back into my own bed with my husband's still warm pillow this morning, for a good quiet time, but it began to rain a cool gentle spring rain. I was kind of in a funk, but God began pouring the most precious scriptures over my soul. I love Him! Every frustration soothed by his eternal word.
"My soul finds rest in God alone, for my hope is in Him". "My soul finds rest under the shadow of your wings." "All my springs are in you." "You alone are my strength and shield and I offer myself to you." "Abraham, I am your very great reward." "All my hope is in you." "There is no good thing besides you." "Apart from you, there is no good thing."

I was reminded how sometimes, we get lost in the shuffle of what should satisfy. Of what we think He promised-- when He never promised it. He promised Himself. We lose sight of the fact that He is "IT". The one true thing. The one satisfaction. That we really need nothing else...in all of our "humanness" and "neediness"...we are fully satisfied and ultimately rewarded in Him in more tangible ways than the sweetest earthly treasures. Oh, there are a lot of "good" things out there and there is nothing wrong with pursuing them. But, our soul's one main satisfaction and enduring pleasure and treasure and soul-filler is in God alone.

Beth Moore says he is the cake. Everything else is icing. Start your day with your soul already filled, your cake already eaten! Later, if you get the icing, great! But, if not, you are still happy, fulfilled, and fully satisfied. No one can steal your cake. You are full.

Ever try just getting filled up on icing?

(Now, dipping icing in animal crackers...there's a different story perhaps...In that case, I suppose God would be the animal cracker...but that sounds weird. I digress.)

I love reading Christian's blogs. I really do. Lost hopes, sin habits, life falling apart, frustrations, searching, growing...yet, in it all... the one true thing, Jesus Christ, still at the center, holding us together, filling. I get exposure to this some at church, but with a busy family and busy life and being around leaders who are also way busy doing all the right things, too...it's just hard to connect as we need to in order to see one another regularly enough on this level. Blogging gives us a way to reconnect when we can't. To have our faith built. God is pleased when we have faith.

I highly encourage the discipline.

Now, back to my rainy day.


Kidnapped U.S. Reporter Jill Carroll Freed

I'd been wondering what happened to reporter Jill Carroll, who had been kidnapped in Iraq after her translator was killed in an ambush. Praise God, she was confirmed to be safe, healthy, and free yesterday. She spoke to her father by phone after being turned over by an unknown group.

Read full story


Mechanic at Heart

Update: sidebar fixed! Who needs Sudoku when you have CSS and HTML to sort in blogger...value added "entertainment"! All in perspective. Logic/analytical skills exercised for the day.
Okay, so some of the coding on the sidebar was bothering me and I thought I'd get under the hood and tinker a little. Looks like I have some spare parts left over at the end of the job and the sidebar is now riding under the chaise.

If anybody has any clues to an easy fix, I'm game. Otherwise, I'll get to it as time and budget allows.

The Great Banquet

Today I am preparing a few things to support some people going through a Great Banquet weekend. If you've never been and ever get an opportunity to go to one, you should take advantage of it. It's a once in a lifetime experience, assured to, in some way, change your life. I'd list a web site, but it's community based. You go by invitation from one who has gone before. So...find someone who's been and tell them you'd like to go. If you want to go in an area near you...ask someone who lives close to you. It's a spiritual renewal weekend, and you leave spiritually renewed, that's one thing for sure! Email me me with any questions you might have.


ALWAYS Check Your Receipt

USATODAY.com - A 'whopper' of a burger bill

With instant swipe cards in drive through windows when you are in a hurry with three soccer players needing fast food...I can see this happening quite easily!

Here's Your Chance

Here's your chance to experience America's most popular trend, craze, and phase, according to our most trustworthy sources...CNN and Good Morning America.

After one weekend with me...my Mom, brother, and sister-in-law now are Sudoku-ing. Great conversation starter in a crowd. Ever wonder how to 'connect' with people around you meaningfully? I'd like to suggest Sukoku. It's like a people magnet, I swear. I almost won nine people to the Lord with it. Well, not really, but I made a lot of fun friends, and that's a start. Better than being self absorbed in my own magazines or CDs, right? I thought so.

My brother called to thank me last night. His wife went out and bought her own book yesterday. They are both hooked. People are drawn to the craze. Use it!

I'll time myself on this one this week and see how I do. I usually have to stop and start at least twice to get it done, so breaks are allowed.

Generally newbies get it in 20-30 minutes. Advanced players can get it in 4-10 at times. See how you do. (I was just thrilled to get my first on done at all! Careful...addiction ahead! But, it's good for you! Strengthen those analytical and logical skills...and remember...there are absolutes!) Great teaching points in there. Build on firm foundactions, etc. etc.


There is only one right answer per square. Numbers are 1-9 in each square, row, and column, AND each number can only be spent once in each row, column, and square.

That's it!

Look for good anchors where the answer must be right...and build on absolute right answers. Do it in pencil. Don't guess. You have to be absolutely sure.

So...what's your time? What did you learn? Post here or comment.


I Need Another

Okay, so that was a good getaway. I thought I'd come back refreshed. Truth is...I'm overwhelmed. No wonder I needed a vacation.

I need another vacation.

I am determined to get this thing pared down to a more manageable demon this week. It's just rediculous. Seriously.

The paper shredder stopped shredding in my attempt to clean my desk.

Someone threw a load of white clothes on the laundry room floor to be trampled with all the other stuff down there that shouldn't be down there.

Toys and crumbs and paper and toys everywhere.

Cabinets have gross stuff all dripped down them.

I left for three days. What happened?

We all need to schedule vacations the day after our vacation. Seriously.

Get dressed, or learn to play guitar?

Enjoying the Cake

Almost Ready!

I love the title "Aunt" I got last year!


My sister in law got up, not to be out-done by my brother, and made us the world's best meatloaf. Seriously...I've never had such good meatloaf. Great garlic chunky mashed potatoes, and green beans with hog jaw in them to season. Wow...they were great. Hog jaw? So that's the secret...no wonder mine don't taste as good. Hmmm. Trying to imagine myself asking for or buying that. Not working for me.

Went running with my brother. He's been through SEALS training, though not a seal...he had a family instead. Praise God! He still does most things at a SEALS mentality...be the best, or don't do it at all. I told him it wasn't that I couldn't keep up jogging, I just preferred "interval training"...more effective cardio. Ha! He jogged in place and waited for me. It was still cold in VA Beach. It's hard to jog with drainage...we both agreed. We took turns spitting, trying to stay out of each other's cross wind. I tried a new theory...got gave the drainage to coat my throat and keep it from getting raw. And then, I nearly threw up for a few minutes trying to get it all out...too much junk in my throat. So...that's not a good theory in case you should ever want to know. You never know when that will save your life.

He had bought a twenty passenger huge boat for next to nothing that goes like 60mph. I can't wait to ride on it when they come in this summer. He took me to show me and filled me in on his life. I enjoyed listening.

Then...back to the plane...eight hours by planes and cars and I was in bed by 9pm, toasted.

Today--woke to a stack of bills that needed paying. I guess I am forced now to clean house. A break has been good!


Saturday...girls went shopping while my brother (sick) watched the baby (sick). I was SO blessed. The first store we went to with second hand stuff...I found all kinds of things on my kid's wish list. They were still in the boxes! Star Wars toys my son couldn't find at Wal*Mart last week for his all A report card. A metal detector they've been wanting. Body Glitter for my girl...and I found Red a jet like the one we flew on.

They all loved it. I had to borrow a suitcase to get home, but it was so fun.

Saturday night, a birthday party for my nephew's 1st, my brother's General Cho's Chicken, a chocolate cake, presents, and lots of Karyoke. My brother gave us a spotlight with a flashlight and burned paper to make smoke. We laughed so hard. So fun.

He was good at singing everything...he practices! I sang "Turn Around" with him, and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", and some Tina Turner song...he said her legs were better than mine. HA! Well, we all know Tina's legs...either some great support hose or great genes there.

My Aunts House

Friday we stayed at my Aunt's house. Wow. Crystal-- EVERYWHERE, and roses, and glittery fruit, and porcelein figurines and gazillion clocks. It just leaves you... breathless.

They've never had kids.


The house is immaculate.

Everything, always, in it's place.

Nice to be "treated" by everything being as close to perfect as humanly possible! They even clean the shower everytime they bathe for each other to have a clean shower next. Wow. I usually clean it when it starts growing something I can see or feel.

Ever imagined what you might be like without kids? Amazes me the contrast of what reality is everytime I go visit them.

I'm going to make her a scrapbook of her house. I think she'd like it.

Three shining china cabinets full of crystal in addition to table crystal EVERYWHERE.

I had to take two clocks out of my bedroom to be able to get to sleep. Too many ticks! That still left three clocks. (She said she likes to be able to look anywhere in the room and know what time it is. No...they are NEVER late.) Imagine a life where you COULD be on time everywhere you went and be annoyed by people who weren't. Oh, goodness.

In contrast, I walked in my back door last night to a huge camping tent set up in my living room attached by fishing wire to the ceiling fan, and chocolate dripping down the counters where my kids and husband has made S'Mores over the gas cooktop in the kitchen.

What Life without Kids Looks Like


Breakfast...My Uncle Went to the Nicest Bakery in Town for These Fresh Caramel-Nut Yeast Rolls. Mmmm.

Seven Kinds of Mustard to choose from (we already got two out of the fridg)

Fresh fruit out waiting for us


Suduko--The Craze

Suduko. In the airline, there were 15 Suduko game books. I'm a bit behind on the whole rage...thought I'd give it a whirl. I had 4 other people started on it before we even got on the first flight...and some nice person loaned my a pencil. At first he wanted to trade me $3 and a lesson on how to play for the pencil, but I eventually taught a group how to play and got the pencil for free. It's a nice mechanical pencil from a hotel in Sweden. Five or so puzzles under my belt, all taking about 25 minutes each and I thought I was ready to see what "moderate" puzzles were like. HA! Not so much. There is no one number to go in any one square, so I'm not quite sure how to procede. I think I'm still a "light to easy" kind of player at this point! I taught my Navy brother how to play over Fuddrucker's. So...do you Suduko?


Need to Downsize

Man! I need to downsize. I used to think CDs were so tiny. I looked through and narrowed down what I thought my suite my mood for the plane trips. Got it down to 20 CDs. A lot of weight in a chick's purse! I don't transport music a whole lot, so it's usually not a big deal, but I'm thinking those little arm strap on MP3-4-5s (what number is it by now?) sound pretty darn good. I want my magazines to read on one, too.

And I want to be able to take my cross-stitch, dang it! RULES, rules, rules. No scissors, no needles. Geez. Cross Word Puzzles? That sounds like a blast.

See you in Virginia!


Adobe photocopy free photo editing software

If you are like me, you may have several photo editing software programs you enjoy, but all of them have some irritating limitation.

For me, it's printing. I like a LOT of different printing options.

Here is a free program that offers flexibility in printing options...you can even get all the way down to 2.1" X 2.8" of DIFFERENT PICTURES to print for mini albums, which make GREAT gifts. This little size allows you to print a whopping FIFTEEN pictured per 8 1/2 X 11" inch page (with settings set to print edge to edge)! A Deal.

You can't beat that.

Another COOL feature... for my entire and hints review click here

For link:
Photoshop free photo editing software - Adobe photo software free


Flying soon~ Last year, the little prop plane had to fly so low we hit every minor rainshower...not such a great ride. I thought we were hitting the tops of trees for a while.

But, through NYC that time! I sat beside a lady who lived in a highraise above Central Park. She told me about city life. I told her about country life. Funny conversation. The airport didn't give us much of a feel for the town. I've been there before. Unlike most people, I hated it. Wall to walk tall buildings, terrible traffic, endless people, high prices. I couldn't wait to get out. Watched a guy pick off somebody on the street. Panic. I just didn't get into it.

Anyway, one of these days, I'll win somebody to Christ on a plane:

I was wanting to sleep, rest from my weary labor. He knows I needed a nap. But, the Lord would not leave me alone, and neither would the lady sitting beside me. She asked me what I did for a living, and I told her I wiped snotty noses all day. Hearing that, she was intritued and wanted to know more about the scriptures. Before the plane landed, both she and her friend had accepted Christ.

Well, I think it sounds better if you have a Christian "job"! The odds just seem to go up in my mind. Maybe I need to think of a more creative answer. The directive question from our class has been "Do you know where you will spend eternity if you were to die today?" Seems a little scary to get into that on a plane ride -- my person would probably just hyperventilate. But I suppose it has some potential. Especially not if we are flying low again.

Anyway, I am preparing for the inevitable body search...I swear, I get picked every time. First time, my shoes, second time, my shoes, third time, full body search, fourth, that plus my luggage. I hate to think what might happen next.

Last time, the lady says, "Dear, have you been body searched before?"
"Yes, mam. I'm afraid so."
"Well, this is my first time, so it might be awkard and take us a bit of time, but we'll get through it, okay?"
"Oh. Okay."
"You know the position, right?"
"Yeah." (Stand on one foot like a flamingo sort of dance...I got it. All the while, my lugguge is being chosen and rampaged where I can't see it -- nice combo!

We always have fun. Should be an adventure.


Top Contemporary Christian Music Listings

From "Randy": The Latest and Greatest in Christian Music for January (sorry, I forgot to post it, but still relatively new, great stuff.) I've not had much listening time yet. I'll post more later.
How Great is Our God – Chris Tomlin (If you haven't heard this yet, you might need to check your pulse...it's awesome).
Worth It All – FFH
Unchangeable – ZOEgirl
Because I’m Forgiven – Phillips, Craig & Dean
Looking For You – Kirk Franklin (I LOVE this song!!!!!!!!)
I Need You To Love Me – BarlowGirl (stood out to me)
My Savior My God – Aaron Shust
Holding On To You – Paul Coleman
God Only Knows – Joy Williams
Fires Burn – Delirious?
When Did You Fall – Chris Rice
Hallelujah – Bethany Dillon
Great And Mighty – Caedmon’s Call
We Are One Tonight – Switchfoot
Flag – Rachael Lampa
From Sunrise To Sunset – Paul Wright
Postcards – Cindy Morgan

Monday March Madness

Today is the first day of Spring.
We woke to sleet and snow.
Sort of anti-climactic...very cold, dreary. Very WINTER.

We were at The Easter Worship Celebration Event Band Practice until 9:00 last night. Things went better the second time with us all playing with the demo CD. Crammed some peanut butter crackers and water down during practice for supper. Nothing like PB and cracker in a pinch. Keep it in the music bag AT ALL TIMES, I do.

We HAVE to time it as the choral production is written pretty closely for the choir to follow. We are SO unused to playing that tight, or even with written music as much these days, so challenging. Brushing up where I haven't in a while. Fun, but grueling at times.

Like this morning. Out at 7:30 AM, still tired from so realizing how much I have to learn still from least night, in the sleet, kids "Monday-ish", cramming a poptart down my throat as I looked to make sure I had an umbrella, not able to find Red's shoes, trying to get childcare on the fly, needing gas in the van. Ugh. Gas station was already CLOSED after practice last night? On a Sunday... I'm glad to see it...but now getting gas in the sleet. Oh well. For a good cause.

I tried to schedule a "sectional" for "strings" this morning before my week got too full...(uh, strings, meaning: me, myself, and I. Might I also add, a cold large auditorium where the heat was not working? At the sound of sleet on the windows and oh, how dreary!)

While I had the childcare, got all my errands done I could think of to do. Got the grocery shopping done, and the first week Upward Flyers printed, and made a noon prayer group. Wow. Full morning. But, a lot done. Trying to get out of town this weekend, with peace that important stuff is done. Trying to learn to stay more ahead.

Why no words from the on scores? For Pete's sake? Hand transcribed what's going on from the choir's book so that in the semi-darkness on the fly, I can have a hope of figuring out where I am if I get behind. (Our "conductor" personality is also doubling on trumpet, and it moves so fast, I don't have much time to look at or depend on him anyway.) Has taken me several hours to just figure out the score enough to know where it all lays. Like trying to figure out what a house looks like by dimensions only or something. I can't visualize it until it's 3-D.

The trusty Roland. I love that keyboard...a great sound. But, no bagpipes to be found.

So...there's my exciting 8AM to 10:30AM.

When the commitment to creativity hits the road for sure.

I literally had chills in the noon prayer time, first one this week. The Spirit of God was just so present, the women so hungry to see it covered in the prayer it deserves. Five months in advance. May God ignite and unite the women of this area, break strongholds, help us know how to pull it all together and honor Him. Our first big women's conference. We have some mighty women stepping out in faith! So exciting (watching them almost as exciting to me as anything I can imagine God doing in the conference itself!)

Then...HOME! Finally cleaned up breakfast, got Red to snuggle with me for an afternoon nap, picked up the other two from school. Now, working on a gift for my nephew I'm flying to see this weekend for his first birthday. A scrapbook, of course, if I can pull it together.

Then, supper, and the first of three evening soccer practices. Yes: three kids, on three different teams this year. And, a PTO meeting, which I think I must miss. I have a husband to rev up to handle a fundraiser for the school without me this weekend. That is a job enough.

I guess this entry should have gone into "the daily", random rambling. But, you know. I realized I've not posted a long and bored daily blog here for a while, and I miss it. You know why? Because I never want to lose site of "the daily"...the main thing... in mt attempt at things looking "more ordered". This is "my stuff"...THE stuff that makes it all connect and matter for me.
So, it makes the "blog front page" today! Go, life! Sorry for the length, but I think I needed it today.

You know, my prayer throughout this whole day has been for or God to just stir things/me up afresh. Not necessarily to change anything in particular, no, not the whack me on the head kind of stirring. But just for Him to breath that sense of eager expectancy, relevance, vibrancy, and joy only He can infuse back into our "stuff", no matter how good or "fun" or meaningful it all really is! No matter how blessed we are. Nothing means anything outside of Him. Not really. It loses it's kick. It's joy. It's focus. It just all becomes more to do and tires us. And He's been doing that for me today. Somehow. Giving me more patience. His patience. The same patience he has for me.

Wow! In the middle of that written prayer, a phone call...soccer cancelled due to weather.

He knows exactly what I need.

Wow! You mean I get to sit down to eat, with my family! No more cramming food?

See there...the mundane just became meaningful again! Thanks. A weekend of food on the fly and I'm needing to "root down" again. Make kids eat their corn...

PTO or not to PTO? No. Not today. Know when to stop.

So, on to "Sloppy Joes" with melted cheese, dill pickes, and hopefully some tater tots... at a table... with my crew. I'm wild, I'm different -- I'm sitting down for a meal, EATING TOGETHER, at a table, with my family!

What a REBEL!

I might just win March Madness after all (heaven's knows the Cats won't be there.)




When Moses' hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him
and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up—one on one side, one on the
other—so that his hands remained steady till sunset. Exodus
17:12 (

I love my Aaron's and Hurs. When I start feeling so tired. Just out of steam. Doing the right things, called by God to "be where I am"...but just get weary in all the responsibilities, service--"stuffs"....someone arrives to hold up my arm, speaking faith and life into me again.

I am reminded in those moments that it's not me, my strength, my ability, my energy...but His, flowing through Him to me, through His people, the body of Christ to me... supplying all I need to persevere--to keep walking in humility instead of my own pride.

We are so afraid of being accused of being "propped" by anything. Oh, Christianity is just a "crutch"...don't you hate the sound of that?

We are so individualistic.

So bent on that same toddler cry, "I CAN DO IT MYSELF!" Untying that shoe someone just took the time to tie...just to prove that we can DO IT! AND BETTER!

You know what? Let someone "tie your shoelaces" today. Just let them do it. Enjoy it.


PS: I really hate to be the one to break this, but while I'm here: big secret....Broken people need crutches. (If you haven't been "broken", you likely will be.) Thank God for the crutches he gives. Crutches let us heal, protect us, and make us stronger. He keeps us from becoming dependant on them...they are too annoying to keep using unless we really need them. He weans us from any crutch other than Himself, right? Yeah.


Slackers are More Creative

Well, here you go. This explains it all. Slackers ARE more creative. Depending on how you define "slacker"! (CNN's links using are not permalinked, so I hope this works for you...if not, CNNs home page today. Main story sidebar.)

FORTUNE: Secrets of greatness: How I work - Mar. 16, 2006

Random Outline

1. Jogging for the first time in the Spring is one of life's greater delights.
a. You do not have to be a regular jogger to enjoy
b. You will encounter annoying dogs very excited about this (in my case, one ferociously defending her litter of 4-5 pups who also will exist in my jogging path ALSO unchained, no doubt. Cute critters...but not for a family with young kids and their little tike friends who wonder what shots they've had...or not.)
c. Jogging in green grass is optimal.

2. Spring !
a. Enough tragedy.
b. Enough of the heavy!
c. clean the top of your fridge, though you NEVER see it.

*Red and white blooms on trees, daffodils, lilac, purple moss...I'll say it again. AWAKE! Smell! See! It's beautiful!

3. I love my friends.
a. All of them.
b. They are awesome.
c. Keep climbing higher.
d. I'll catch you if you fall.
e. If I push you, it's because I love you and believe in you.
f. Push.
g. Claim all that is yours! From the east to the west, north to the south. Embrace it all! Maximize! Isaiah says, "Lengthen your stakes!" I love that.


Test entry. My blogger broke yesterday. For shame!


The McPassion

The McPassion is a short comedy directed by Benjamin Hershleder and written by Rik Swartzwelder

is it funny, convicting, or just unusual? You tell me!

(Read the disussion section on their nav bar for how it came about.)

The "Toilet guitar"

Now I've seen it all.

Seeing is believing: Creative Procrastination's: the toilet guitar

Guitar people...you just have to see it.

My Pants Were Falling Off

My most awesome revelation lately? The belt of truth.

I asked God lately to show me where I was most vulnerable in the whole spiritual armor thing as we reviewed spiritual armor. Something I've heard all my life, and almost too symbolic for me at times to internalize as I know I should.

So, I went through all the parts to remember what each peice did. Know what? I realized I had no real idea what the belt was about. I mean, we already HAVE the sword of the Spirit already, which is the word of truth...why a belt, too? We're already whacking the enemy with that thing, right?

I remembered that it covered the "stomach"...in Bible times, where the "heart", the seat of emotions is located...that seems very important here. So, the word is both an offensive AND a defensive weapon. Cool. We know that.

But, more profoundly...the belt of truth holds your pants up!

God used that imagery to show me so many times I felt "dismanted", I didn't have to...the belt holds all the other armor together. I keeps up "put back together".

Why emotional check is so important, taking every thought captive to the knowledge of Christ, the word...making sure our feelings are checked by the truth God has revealed to us.

Don't let any emotion make you feel like your pants are falling off...wear the belt of truth!



Computing Tips: Blogger Categories Are Here!

If you are using blogger, blog a lot on various subjects and want categories akin to Typepad's, this article is for you.
If you want photo album links in your sidebard akin to that of Typepad's, read here.
If you want to do some housecleaning on your blog or need information sorted better for your own reference, read here:
I did it. For free!

PDB Deep Water: Trying to Swim

Ever experienced that freedom of swimming alone in a pool? Floating, diving, swimming...the delightful weightlessness, freedom of movement.




Swimming in deep water may imply hard work, but it doesn't have to, not when you know how to swim!

Today, I just wanted to capture that summertime essence of swimming. Read it at:
PDB Deep Water: "Trying" to Swim.



Scarves in the Springtime

Today my mom (light blue scarf) invited me and Red over for lunch with three of my aunts and a fav. uncle. We had such a good time. Great food, great company, great memories. My aunt crocheted us all scarves and hats! I'll treasure mine!


Heard of "Digital Angels"?

This Article: The Trouble with Digital Angels surfaced for me a couple years ago. It was written in 2000. A friend mentioned it to me at a Christmas get together. It seemed so off base I thought there was probably little to fear as of yet. But, he was so convincing. The technology and implications gave me chills even as he was explaining the course of it. A "angel" always with you.

Over-reaction? Surely. Who'd ever allow it anyway.

But, irregardless of how much you read into the numbers game (where is 666?), or how you interpret the end of times playing out, this technology seems to be paving a way toward "marking" people effectively for global positioning, banking, and access to their own homes.

So, how does it work? A chip the size of a grain of rice implanted in antibiotic solution just under the skin. It has it's own power source. It is powered by molecular energy pulsating through your own muscles. It is used for locating people, animals, anything that moves, and any information you want can be put on it.

As this article suggests, it's not likely anyone could "force" anyone to get one, though in the eighties, it was brought up in the American government in a formal way. But consider your banking information on it....no wallet necessary. Your identification to get into work, medical history, method of payment, ability to get into your car and home...no keys.

Credible magazines suggest it is just around the corner. No losing cards, stolen identities. As the provocatively says, "No one forces you to get a driver's license, but consider not having one in today's world."

Last week, in an ABC news story ran entitles Computer Chips Get Under Skin of Enthusiansts. In it, a young 28 yr. old Brooklyn resident said, "It does give you some sort of power of 'Abracadabra', making doors open, passwords enter just by a wave of your hand in front of the computer." Wow. Power. All we need. (His girlfriend, a yoga instructor, isn't so crazy about the idea...she doesn't want one unless it becomes a "necessity", or "becomes more convenient". If they marry and he locks her out of the house with his and no keys, I suppose that would seem more convenient! Ha.

And, get this: This ground breaking technogy comes as a price. This article claims this marvel of computerized technogy is a whopping $2.00. Yes, I said TWO. No mistype. The computerized readers for your home, or computer, or car (so you don't have to memorize passwords or get into work, etc.), only $50.00 a reader.

Another 23 yr. old marketing student "doesn't want to get caught out in an ally locked out of his apartment with no keys". Who would?

These students are using them voluntarily, as a sort of "trial basis" (no doubt to get sound bites to lure the rest of us!)

Imagine in your pocket men, no keys, no credit cards, no need for a wallet. FREE!

Imagine being even out of the country on a stranded island, shipwrecked, able to be identified, with your medical records "on you". Imagine medical tracking of vital signs for the elderly, --no call to 911 needed--constant monitoring by someone on the other side of a computer with GPS... no home health or other peripherals to impede their lifestyle! Wow.

Impossible? Did you know that some pets have been tracked this way for some time, expensive herds of animals. GPS!

Sounds great, doesn't it? Anybody else got chills?

Here is digitalangel's web site
and (original patent info).


Keyboarding & Praise Band: Keyboarding, Metronomes, Floppy Disks Drives

  • Buying a keyboard?
  • Curious about electronic keyboards? Want to know more about the electronic keyboards and what they can do?
  • What is a good low cost starter option for electronic keyboarding?
  • What factors should I consider when comparison shopping?
  • How I can use the metronome and recording feature on my keyboard to be a better keyboardist?
I tried to address questions people often ask me as I wrote the keyboard blog today. Click here to read more: Electric Keyboarding Considerations .


Christian Dating / Free Christian Music

Well, I'm up at 12:30 AM, cleared out the M&M stash, got all the laundry done, ate an apple, now into Triscuits. The first tasted better, but didn't fill me up. Gala apples MUST be in season. Mmmm. Get some! Something about supper just didn't stick with me.

The thing I hate about going to bed is...I have to get up and start over. Whereas, if I stay up, I get productive activity accomplished I will not get done tomorrow morning due to obligations.

I stayed home today, sorted mail, did housework...and after a break, it was very pleasant. Order feels good.

I just learned that it seems anyone searching for Christianity online seems to desire free Christian music and good Christian dates. Hmmm. Not the evangelism opportunity I was imagining.

You know, if I were looking for Christians to date, I'd go to a church with a good Christian singles ministry. The online dating thing seems so foreign. Neither my husband or myself can figure that one out. People go to bars to look for "a good Christian man", but don't get involved in their churches to get to know poeple? I get so confused.

Increasing Blog Traffic - 10 Factors Affecting Your Search Engine Rankings-A How To Guide

Increasing Blog Traffic - 10 Factors Affecting Your Search Engine Rankings - BlogSpinner - A How-To Guide To Spinning Blogs

Helpful points for those of you wanting to increase blog traffic. I have mixed feelings on this.

Once, I did a search in blogger to try to find Christian blogs, and it was all but hopeless. If there are those out there trying to find us...we are hiding our light under a bushel.
Examining ways people can find Christian people without necessarily advertising to those I may not want stopping by. Let me know what you've found effective, if anything.

John Piper Article

This Article addresses the Christian versus Muslim viewpoint on mockery for faith in response to offensive cartooning in recent days. Easy to scan, interesting line of thought.

As an aside, I read recently that John Piper is facing health concerns. Pray for John Piper.

Blog Linker Index

Someone asked me last week how I met you guys...where all of you came from, security concerns, etc.

Here's my formal answer to that for anyone else who are curious about PDB-ites, how we "met", how all this works...my thoughts on it all.

1. This Guy Falls Down: Link from Shlog (the first blog I read). "Guy" has these cool books of the month posts where he introduces us to worthy written literature out there. The thoughtful responses to questions challenge me even when I don't have time to read the book. He is a a thoughtful blogger and great writer. Much better at it than I am.

I've seen Third Day (www.ThirdDay.com) several times on TV and am always impressed by the edgy sound they maintain while not losing the air and aura and experience of drawing people into participatory WORSHIP. Great that with all their fame, they have not lost that.

He provides links to the band's blog and projects they are working on. I enjoy knowing our band processes and problems are not that uncommon.

2. Kevin's Blog: A friend from our college days. He and his family are special friends of ours who went to our former church. He is the Michael Card lover/protegee. The "thinker". Small group friends are friends for life. I read what's going on with their kids, and we enjoy praying for challenges their family/church/community faces. Great to see the growth and emphases in their body toward youth and building young people.

He often posts sermon topics and outlines, small group challenges. I feel like I'm able to stay in touch with my former pastor's sheperding--a cool thing.

I converted him to blogging, and he's converted others. (If only I were as good at evangelism! )

3. A Voice of Hope: Found this link on someone else's...Ragamuffins? Now in Nashville, she loves mixing sound, has run the gammut of Christianity, still very much seeking God's will and direction and path and plan and purpose and meaning for her life. Her searching is raw and thoughtful and well said.

Finding a true seeker is always such a blessing. I just enjoy reading her...have had many of the same qualms about things in my own path.

4. What It's All About: I also found this from a CA blog link also. (Probably Ragamuffin--he lists a zazillion links which is good for those of us new to blogging, we can find community we enjoy that way). She's also a seeker...a good writer. I think what strikes me most about her is she has this phenomenal gift of hospitality. Every week, say on Tuesday, she cooks a ton of food and invites whomever wants to come over. Open invitation!

She works, does the mom and wife thing, and still has people into her home not knowing who will come every week. What a woman, I say! I'll look that good someday!

5. Desperate Housewife....sort of: Dear friend of mine who I love spending time with--she makes me laugh. Is as commited to motherhood, as I am. Is a great listener. Accepting. One terrific cook. Knows how to have down time, though she is very bright.

She's a terrific cook. I call her to know how to fix just about everything new I cook. She is one bright cookie...slicing and dicing cells and all, or something like that.

She's a great cook! She brings me desserts.

And she's a great cook.

I'm a functional cook...imporant for me to find friends who stretch me as a cook!

6. Terrible Speller: My GA friend. A homeschooling mom who reminds me why I get so hormonal and emotional all the time! (Goes with the territory of what we do!) This staying home thang ain't for wimps...not even for us Southern girls.

She is creative, lets her kids actually play in paint on a weekly basis...IN her home. Like painting their bodies and all. Man! What a woman! I don't know if I'll ever hit that mark.

She loves the Lord! Just is passionate about her man and her Man, and staying on top of her game. I can IDENTIFY with her life.

7. Ragamuffin Soul: Here's one guy who just has a heart to see God made big...whatever tools we can use. He cares about people. Busy as all get out, like the rest of us, but striving to stay connected with PEOPLE. Always trying find something new to get resources out there, share of himself, expand, get people connected, keep them encouraged.

He was first to list my blog...I was freaked out for days (weeks, months) that somebody in CA would have any interest in what I had to say. I appreciated him encouraging me in simple comments to "keep blogging...blogging is good." And, he was right. It IS good for the soul. I've met a lot of mutual friends through his links...all good ones. What it's all about.

I relate most to his band blogs...I realize our mayhem and my "Sunday drain" phenomenon is not that uncommon...it's normal. Part of it. It's good to feel normal!

8. Whitaker Woman: Ragamuffin's Wife! I love her spirit of hospitality also...she's like a gourmet cook. She actually hosts cooking classes...(CA is a bit far for me to travel! I keep waiting for those tips to surface on her blog!).

My favorite thing about these last two blogs is the way they use it to encourage one another in family life, ministry development, and marriage. They esteem one another and compliment one another almost daily. It's really cool to see how they use technology to build their marriage and try to keep it and one another strong and motivated and esteemed, even in the busiest of lives. Everyone around them hears how commited they are to building one another up, preserving their family, and solidifying it by simple acts of "blog bragging". It's a cool trick.

9. Tunz4Jesus: One of my earliest PDB-er "Bloggites". She found my link doing a David Crowder Band search from the comfort of her Kansas desktop. She keeps coming back...to try to find more Crowder I have no doubt! :-) I've never met a more commited band follower!

She plays bass in her worship band, lifts weights, is committed to seeking the Lord, works with Long Term Care, has a passion for the elderly (with all it's challenges and challenging working environment), and is fighting the fight of family life to stay connected as a wife and mom. She seeks the Lord. Enjoys lyrics, pens some great starts on her posts.

A real encourager to me... a Titus 2 blog woman. I have enjoyed her wisdom and insight on many occassions. She has a passion for discipling young people.

10. Shlog: First blog I ever read. Deeper than I'll ever be! Read Shlog...I'm moderate by comparison. I have to be in the right mood to swim that deep, but I enjoy the challenge at times.

How did I find him? A friend sent me a link to an article on his blog one day to read. I thought, "What's a 'blog'"? Within 15 minutes, I had one of my own." Sent my own link back to my friend who was shocked I'd try! The idea had a lot of potential to share random thoughts and life and realness and God's work in our live compelled me.

I'm no Shlog. But, I do enjoy the sharpening that goes on in blogdom with various tennants of that. Shlog is a Christian performing artists, singer, guitar player. I enjoy the band element... stories of total breakdowns, sound problems, mixups, and band "stuff" that I thought only us "rookies" were hit with.

After I've read his comment section I feel like I've sat with C.S. Lewis and all his diverse friends. What blogging is all about! Sharpening, encouraging, sharing.


For those of you, who, like me, have concerns about friends you've heard of who have met people of the opposite sex online or who have had inappropriate things happen on line or by email...it is a concern not to be taken lightly.

I feel blogging provides accountability to that used properly.

Guidelines I think are good to follow are:
1. Invite your spouse to your blog...send them your link to fun family blogs, or a blog a week to remind them of it.
2. Guard your speech as you would in real life. Be yourself, let your hair down, but think about readers...you are publishing. This is not a private journal. When you have a goal of developing community with your blog, you have to think about readers. It's hard as a journaler to keep that in mind, but something I'm trying to hone.
3. Christian blogging is not a place to be someone else, create an alter ego. It is a place to continue to be who you should be in real life...an extension of that.
4. Create a safe community of other Christians who are striving to have strong families and demonstrate a commitment to that regularly on their blogs.
5. Visit blogs with strong commenting communities. If you find a link of a new blogger you want to encourage, share the comment link where you found them, post pics of your spouse on your blog. Share your link so that they can know what and who you are about, what you are committed to.
6. Continue to pray for wisdom and discretion. Evaluate regularly your blog goals. Stay sharp.
7. Keep encouragement flowing, but keep it short and simple. Short and simple is not my forte, but a goal I have.

I think connecting with people in the body across the globe is a good idea. It increases the "oneness" of the body of Christ. To not connect out of fear could be worse than the risks we take. Wisdom, yes! Healthy fear, yes! Crippling fear, no. I think we have to learn to be one in purpose and wisdom. We let others see our lives, why we are different, what is fulfilling, and what is not. Otherwise, they see tabloids. I think it's important for us to have a presence. To enjoy ourselves. To be in and not of.

Whether you blog or not...I'm glad you're here and part of my life!
Want to read more about PDL-ers?

Some of my bloggite friends answered these Questions not long ago at
http://5purposedriven.blogspot.com/2006/02/your-turn.html: (I'm having trouble getting hyperlinks to list well here lately...you'll have to cut and paste until I figure out what I'm doing wrong.)

They answered these Questions:

1. Top Things I'm Passionate About

2. My biggest Challenges (joke version and serious version)

3. Fav. Recent Movie

Get Your Hair MeSsEd Up

edit: here is the broken "link referred to in this article for those of you who had trouble connecting to it. Cut and past it into your web browse. Note: It's a newsletter file--takes a minute to load.
Just when I think I have my next move figured out, along comes an article like this that just SMACKS my logic and rational upside the head.

I do love a challenge. But dang! Thought I was about to get my act together. I had just the right fix.

Very few articles I print off the net...this will be my first this year. Also, just several awesome scriptures in it I need to soak in, put in my trusty little "jewelry case" for safe keeping to pull out and wear with just the right outfit, wear just for fun, or to remind me of friend whom I love and who love me! Jewelry is a must have!

So go put on some jewelry with this link, and get your hair messed up!

I guess I've made this sound all girly, but I challenge any man out there to read it.



I think my new balance is, in turn, getting out of balance with a various variety of things! Perhaps the nature of "winter". Just keep shifting activities until you burn out and switch to something else?

I am, however, growing dissatisfied with this philosophy...I've created a monthly balance...but the daily balance in need of restoration. Hit the spiritual heavy...took a break from that, hit the creative and ministry heavy. Getting behind on the mundane.

Just recruited the family to group sock sort and white folding. Even had the kids try and unload the dishwasher! A first. My son said, "You want us to WHAT?" Okay, so it was TIME. They did well. We're not at "clean", but at a point where I can keep from total panic tomorrow morning and get to some paper decluttering and true cleaning. Praise God when they actually help out when you get under water!

A schedule no longer seems "winterish" or boring...I've had a good break. I crave the comfort of having my time ordered and getting priorities met consistently. So...on to tomorrow!


Hollywood, Herod and The Massacre of Innocence

A friend emailed me this
story today. It speaks to the frustration I have had in trying to set "parental controls" for our TV and computer...we are treated like children! Why is it that it is "uncool" to be wise? I've felt the slide this article speaks of. A strong tool here in our belt. I hope you'll scan through it.



Wow. I just can't seem to get ahead of myself the last few days. The ministry is fun, and a blessing, but just a lot of fun ministry taking a lot of time, a lot going on, a lot to do.

I'm having trouble getting the eating an sleeping in...but enjoying the rest.

Some bad news...but, who cares! There's always bad news, right?

Lots of fun and laughter and play and service this week. I'm just enjoying the "being". Forgetting everything else. Soon, I'll be ready to hop back onto study, but not today.

I'll either just get behind one week or try to cram what I can. Happens to the best of us!




Fun Night

Tonight...scrapbook night with the girls.

Chocolate, snacks, fun...art. Acting like kindergarders with a new box of crayons. Oh, the glory days.

I have a project sort of together want to work on...meant to keep me productive.

But, first, finish two loads of laundry, deliver six meals from a school fund raiser, and get my stuff gathered in the van to scrap!

Yikes. Starting to sound like a work night!

I'd better get moving and rescue it FAST!


Epiphany from a Funeral

Just got back from the funeral of a friend of a friend. I still cried. She sang...shared a eulogy by letter someone else read for her. Absolutely heart wrenching. I wish I had a copy.

This lady was a janitor--cleaning lady? I never knew that.

Never married?

No family at all...except one lone sister left. No children. No cousins. No mother. No father.

An angel.

Everyone's life she touched WAS touched. Inspired. Motivated.

My friend also wrote a eulogy entitled, "The Day I Met Jesus", not knowing it would be read, but I think, hoping so. I hope to get a copy to put here, for I still shutter and shiver thinking about it. And tears come again.

I think, tears of hope...that we can make that kind of difference. No matter what...in spite of "what", because of our "whats".

I wonder, what was her "life purpose"? Assuredly, no grandiose dreams, no plans for splendor or greatness, no plans of her own at all, really. A refined heart. A heart composed and built to love each life she touched. To be gracious. Speak with a laugh. Spread Jesus. Share joy. Care.

To live a life like that. Known, not for greatness, but for excellence: patience, contentedness, unassuming, loving, caring, sharing, enriching. Being "there". Always. A mother to the motherless. Friend to the friendless. Many compared her quick and unexpected death to that of Enoch. "She walked with God, and then, was no more."

You know, I prayed the day she died...so quickly taken away, sayin it was "a sorrowful day".

Today, nothing other than a blessed day. Bright. Sunny. Flowers blooming, and new insight for me.

My friend sang, "Untitled Hymn (Come to Jesus)" by Chris Rice. (Breath-taking). A captivating song, but I never thought of having it sung at a funeral. Thought I'd be raptured myself...I can't believe she made it through so strong. Praise God! It was incredible.

Weak and wounded sinner
Lost and left to die
O, raise your head, for love is passing by
Come to Jesus
Come to Jesus
Come to Jesus and live!

Now your burden's lifted
And carried far away
And precious blood has washed away the stain, so
Sing to Jesus
Sing to Jesus
Sing to Jesus and live!

And like a newborn baby
Don't be afraid to crawl
And remember when you walk
Sometimes we fall...so
Fall on Jesus
Fall on Jesus
Fall on Jesus and live!

Sometimes the way is lonely
And steep and filled with pain
So if your sky is dark and pours the rain, then
Cry to Jesus
Cry to Jesus
Cry to Jesus and live!

O, and when the love spills over
And music fills the night
And when you can't contain your joy inside, then
Dance for Jesus
Dance for Jesus
Dance for Jesus and live!

And with your final heartbeat
Kiss the world goodbye
Then go in peace, and laugh on Glory's side, and
Fly to Jesus
Fly to Jesus
Fly to Jesus and live!

Relationship Evaluation Week

We had our Bible Study group last night. It was too complex to discuss in an open group without overly stirring others who might delve too deep right now when they need to bask in the affirmation of last week.

So, what did I get out of it? It was hard work this week to get through. Let's see:

I think I learned most from this week that God puts all kinds of relationships in our lives to balance us out. Some are challenging, some sweet, some just affirming, some teach us things about ourselves, others, and His timing...ALL good! (Or good for us!)

"Friends come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime...embrace all equally!"


Chicken N Dumplings Moment

Today has been a day of doing what I know I need to do instead of what I want to do or "should" be doing. God will allow time for all that I know.

It's sort of been discouraging, sort of encouraging.

God has taught me by doing my end of things and not depending on the availablity of others to let him do work in me and teach me and speak to me...a good thing. Everyone is SO busy. To busy for a study like this most of the time in all it's entirety. I have time to my advantage...so it's hard. You feel like they are getting to do the fun ministry, and you are...where you are. A blessing, God's timing, but just a different place. I just walk with such strong people it's not even funny.

I'm finally done with the assignments for the day...an assignment I REALLY didn't want to do or feel up to doing and put off and off and off. But, then I got embarrassed that I hadn't done it the last day. So, now it's 1PM. Glad I took some time yesterday to get some productive things done. I'm showered and dressed...but, I can't say much for my task list for the day.

Right now, I want a reward. I really just want an oreo blizzard, some mozzarella cheese sticks, and a fountain drink, and more chocolate!

On the other hand...if I keep doing that, I'm going to feel like a walrus and look like one, too. So...in leiu of more of my dwindling M&M stash, I found a rather comforting cup of chicken and dumplings by "Luck's". Man! It's GOOD! Seasoned with like a white pepper...just the way I like it. Salty and peppery.

Right now, I need to finish cleaning out the garage, mop the kitchen floor, and tackle some laundry. I don't feel like doing it at all. I'm worn out. I want a vacation from all the thinking. But, this study stuff compels you to crunch time and just get it done whether you feel like it or not. You just have to fit it all in. "Make time".

God always surprises me with blessings if I agree to just do the work. So, on to "the list".

Man...I sure wish next week we could study about praise and thanksgiving or something! I guess I am adding that to my thought life already per a friend's suggestion...just to keep from feeling bogged down by the depth of all the study. A lot of "self" focus the last two weeks.

Also trying to remember to focus on, minister to, and just bless others to balance it out some. Both help some.

This week's study is showing me how much I value the large diversity of the friendships active in my life right now("relationships"). Not that they are perfect by book standards, but they give me what I need and balance me. Help me keep pace with what God is doing, and learn to wait on Him. Sometimes it's just a lot of shared busy-ness and striving and laugther all thrown in together in His timing, sometimes sweeter, regular friendships where I get to "shine" more. Sometimes, they stretch me. I wouldn't grow without those either.

Thank you, Lord, for all the different kinds of sweet and growing and stretching relationships in my life, and help me to move up to the next level of all you want me to be! Thank you for using even my weaknesses until they can no longer be used for your glory, and then, for changing me like the potter at the wheel.