Heard of "Digital Angels"?

This Article: The Trouble with Digital Angels surfaced for me a couple years ago. It was written in 2000. A friend mentioned it to me at a Christmas get together. It seemed so off base I thought there was probably little to fear as of yet. But, he was so convincing. The technology and implications gave me chills even as he was explaining the course of it. A "angel" always with you.

Over-reaction? Surely. Who'd ever allow it anyway.

But, irregardless of how much you read into the numbers game (where is 666?), or how you interpret the end of times playing out, this technology seems to be paving a way toward "marking" people effectively for global positioning, banking, and access to their own homes.

So, how does it work? A chip the size of a grain of rice implanted in antibiotic solution just under the skin. It has it's own power source. It is powered by molecular energy pulsating through your own muscles. It is used for locating people, animals, anything that moves, and any information you want can be put on it.

As this article suggests, it's not likely anyone could "force" anyone to get one, though in the eighties, it was brought up in the American government in a formal way. But consider your banking information on it....no wallet necessary. Your identification to get into work, medical history, method of payment, ability to get into your car and home...no keys.

Credible magazines suggest it is just around the corner. No losing cards, stolen identities. As the provocatively says, "No one forces you to get a driver's license, but consider not having one in today's world."

Last week, in an ABC news story ran entitles Computer Chips Get Under Skin of Enthusiansts. In it, a young 28 yr. old Brooklyn resident said, "It does give you some sort of power of 'Abracadabra', making doors open, passwords enter just by a wave of your hand in front of the computer." Wow. Power. All we need. (His girlfriend, a yoga instructor, isn't so crazy about the idea...she doesn't want one unless it becomes a "necessity", or "becomes more convenient". If they marry and he locks her out of the house with his and no keys, I suppose that would seem more convenient! Ha.

And, get this: This ground breaking technogy comes as a price. This article claims this marvel of computerized technogy is a whopping $2.00. Yes, I said TWO. No mistype. The computerized readers for your home, or computer, or car (so you don't have to memorize passwords or get into work, etc.), only $50.00 a reader.

Another 23 yr. old marketing student "doesn't want to get caught out in an ally locked out of his apartment with no keys". Who would?

These students are using them voluntarily, as a sort of "trial basis" (no doubt to get sound bites to lure the rest of us!)

Imagine in your pocket men, no keys, no credit cards, no need for a wallet. FREE!

Imagine being even out of the country on a stranded island, shipwrecked, able to be identified, with your medical records "on you". Imagine medical tracking of vital signs for the elderly, --no call to 911 needed--constant monitoring by someone on the other side of a computer with GPS... no home health or other peripherals to impede their lifestyle! Wow.

Impossible? Did you know that some pets have been tracked this way for some time, expensive herds of animals. GPS!

Sounds great, doesn't it? Anybody else got chills?

Here is digitalangel's web site
and (original patent info).

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Misty said...

I could see how a lot of people would be freaked out by that--like it was apocolyptic or something, but I'm not sure the apocolypse will be brought about by technology. Doesn't bother me except the injecting part--don't like the idea of something "inside". What's to keep whacko's from attacking people and cutting it out of them? I'd rather just give them my purse and run.