Scarves in the Springtime

Today my mom (light blue scarf) invited me and Red over for lunch with three of my aunts and a fav. uncle. We had such a good time. Great food, great company, great memories. My aunt crocheted us all scarves and hats! I'll treasure mine!


esm said...

What a neat picture! Did Red make it?? How cool that the scarves and hats seem to match what each person is wearing. Did it just turn out that way?

Misty said...

I love it! Anytime I can get together with the women of the family, we have such a great time. We had a night in February where the men all went to a truck pull and mother in law, sister in law, hubby's aunt, cousin, and I all ordered pizza and played really fun games. It was a blast. We stayed up til 11:30! :)