The Daily--Rainy Day

This is a perfect day. I got the laundry room sort of under control yesterday...well, I can see the floor. Crumbs are sort of under control. I cleaned out a couple cabinets. Well on my way to "Spring Break order of the household mode". Some people like to go out of town the whole week. We use it to get the yard ready for Spring, get Spring clothes/shoes bought for everyone and take one out of town outting--usually involves a hotel with a pool. I prefer the beach in general, but with so much to do...close to home is okay I guess. Just don't show me your tan--K?

Yesterday I planted some bulbs my Dad gave me last year from his yard. I've never gotten bulbs from my Dad...but now that he's been divorced and remarried, dynamics change and odd things happen. (Jobs your mom used to do for you...your dad does, and jobs your dad used to do, well, your stepdad does other odd jobs for you. I don't see my Dad as much, and when I do, I hate to ask him to do the same odd jobs for me he used to do just because he's around. So...some stuff I can't seem to hype myself to get anyway to pay when my Dad can do it for me, but he's not here. They'll probably never get done. Anyway...I have the bulbs! They probably aren't where I will ultimately want them, but will grow now until I get the grow ready under some gravel where I ultimately think I want them...will entail my husband digging the holes for me to prepare the soil correctly. He likes that part. Assuming he has time.

Anyway, this is a good day. I got up, cooked breakfast for my husband, and went back to bed. Furthermore, I fell asleep last night getting to look at some Scrapbook magazines and slept the most peaceful, girl-like sleep. I like to sleep with my husband, but there are certain days in the month when I just want to stay up late, soak in something I love--a magazine, book, or my Bible, and fall asleep in my own place...not worry about waking him up or bother him getting to bed too late. And there is the joy of wallering all over an entire bed and now having to flip when the other person flips, that sort of thing. He usually doesn't sleep well when I'm not there, so I don't do it often, and I miss him. I just need my own bed on occassion. Comes from growing up with my own full bed to myself I suppose.

To add to the allure: our guest bed mattress is the most comfortable mattress in the house. Both my boys had fevers the night before, so we put them there instead of upstairs. Now both back to all their own beds and sleepovers, the bed was still unmade and I missed them. Somehow felt closer being in their unmade bed. Having your kids sick and febrile does weird things to a mom. Just wears on you in a weird way. A maternal way, I suppose. They are so sweet when they are sick...vulnerable and warm and sweet. Until they start getting a bit better...then they are cranky and insatiable!

Anyway, ...this morning, not only did I crawl back into my own bed with my husband's still warm pillow this morning, for a good quiet time, but it began to rain a cool gentle spring rain. I was kind of in a funk, but God began pouring the most precious scriptures over my soul. I love Him! Every frustration soothed by his eternal word.
"My soul finds rest in God alone, for my hope is in Him". "My soul finds rest under the shadow of your wings." "All my springs are in you." "You alone are my strength and shield and I offer myself to you." "Abraham, I am your very great reward." "All my hope is in you." "There is no good thing besides you." "Apart from you, there is no good thing."

I was reminded how sometimes, we get lost in the shuffle of what should satisfy. Of what we think He promised-- when He never promised it. He promised Himself. We lose sight of the fact that He is "IT". The one true thing. The one satisfaction. That we really need nothing else...in all of our "humanness" and "neediness"...we are fully satisfied and ultimately rewarded in Him in more tangible ways than the sweetest earthly treasures. Oh, there are a lot of "good" things out there and there is nothing wrong with pursuing them. But, our soul's one main satisfaction and enduring pleasure and treasure and soul-filler is in God alone.

Beth Moore says he is the cake. Everything else is icing. Start your day with your soul already filled, your cake already eaten! Later, if you get the icing, great! But, if not, you are still happy, fulfilled, and fully satisfied. No one can steal your cake. You are full.

Ever try just getting filled up on icing?

(Now, dipping icing in animal crackers...there's a different story perhaps...In that case, I suppose God would be the animal cracker...but that sounds weird. I digress.)

I love reading Christian's blogs. I really do. Lost hopes, sin habits, life falling apart, frustrations, searching, growing...yet, in it all... the one true thing, Jesus Christ, still at the center, holding us together, filling. I get exposure to this some at church, but with a busy family and busy life and being around leaders who are also way busy doing all the right things, too...it's just hard to connect as we need to in order to see one another regularly enough on this level. Blogging gives us a way to reconnect when we can't. To have our faith built. God is pleased when we have faith.

I highly encourage the discipline.

Now, back to my rainy day.

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