Chicken N Dumplings Moment

Today has been a day of doing what I know I need to do instead of what I want to do or "should" be doing. God will allow time for all that I know.

It's sort of been discouraging, sort of encouraging.

God has taught me by doing my end of things and not depending on the availablity of others to let him do work in me and teach me and speak to me...a good thing. Everyone is SO busy. To busy for a study like this most of the time in all it's entirety. I have time to my advantage...so it's hard. You feel like they are getting to do the fun ministry, and you are...where you are. A blessing, God's timing, but just a different place. I just walk with such strong people it's not even funny.

I'm finally done with the assignments for the day...an assignment I REALLY didn't want to do or feel up to doing and put off and off and off. But, then I got embarrassed that I hadn't done it the last day. So, now it's 1PM. Glad I took some time yesterday to get some productive things done. I'm showered and dressed...but, I can't say much for my task list for the day.

Right now, I want a reward. I really just want an oreo blizzard, some mozzarella cheese sticks, and a fountain drink, and more chocolate!

On the other hand...if I keep doing that, I'm going to feel like a walrus and look like one, too. So...in leiu of more of my dwindling M&M stash, I found a rather comforting cup of chicken and dumplings by "Luck's". Man! It's GOOD! Seasoned with like a white pepper...just the way I like it. Salty and peppery.

Right now, I need to finish cleaning out the garage, mop the kitchen floor, and tackle some laundry. I don't feel like doing it at all. I'm worn out. I want a vacation from all the thinking. But, this study stuff compels you to crunch time and just get it done whether you feel like it or not. You just have to fit it all in. "Make time".

God always surprises me with blessings if I agree to just do the work. So, on to "the list".

Man...I sure wish next week we could study about praise and thanksgiving or something! I guess I am adding that to my thought life already per a friend's suggestion...just to keep from feeling bogged down by the depth of all the study. A lot of "self" focus the last two weeks.

Also trying to remember to focus on, minister to, and just bless others to balance it out some. Both help some.

This week's study is showing me how much I value the large diversity of the friendships active in my life right now("relationships"). Not that they are perfect by book standards, but they give me what I need and balance me. Help me keep pace with what God is doing, and learn to wait on Him. Sometimes it's just a lot of shared busy-ness and striving and laugther all thrown in together in His timing, sometimes sweeter, regular friendships where I get to "shine" more. Sometimes, they stretch me. I wouldn't grow without those either.

Thank you, Lord, for all the different kinds of sweet and growing and stretching relationships in my life, and help me to move up to the next level of all you want me to be! Thank you for using even my weaknesses until they can no longer be used for your glory, and then, for changing me like the potter at the wheel.


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