This title reminded me of ROUSs in Princess Bride when I typed it.

Okay, so I've added the RSS feed feature today and all sorts of techno gear to my sidebar...check that out for your "that's a good idea, I think I'll add it to my sidebar in my 'spare time'" pleasure.

My fear is that I can get tempernmental and edit old posts or post and unpost...not sure how RSS handles edits. I try just not to edit much these days, not what blogging is about for me, but some days, the urge hits me to edit and spellcheck an old post. Will you get the same post like four times? Probably so. Just feel the love.

I don't subscribe to anything as of yet, so I'm not actually sure how the whole deal works, but RSS sounds like a great way to keep up with when content changes all on one screen to check "snipets" of posts and such.

For those of you who use it and have asked me about it, let me know how it works out for you... or not!

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