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As Porn Moves to "Mainstream" , what is our position? Is it harmful, or helpful? That is the question in the article linked here. Hard for me to comprehend that there is even a theory that it is helpful for more than it hurts. But, I think it's one Americans must believe for the industry to be booming the way it is.

One anti-porn contributor stressed the need for individual willpower, but also "faulted the porn industry for employing aggressive online technoligies that 'beseige you.' Somethimes it's not a matter of free will, it's a matter of invasion".

Are you being "beseiged"? You better believe it. What is our response to "invasion"? What should it be? Do we prepare for invasions?

We have not as people, or as a society, decided whether there's really anything wrong with porn. Is it okay? Does it REALLY hurt anybody if both people are willing parties? Does this detract from or enhance the marriage relationship?

It's time to come up with God's opinion on the matter. If we do not decide, it is, like most matters, decided for us by cultural default. So, for starters, God's word teaches us to love, admire, respect, esteem, prefer, regard, enjoy, and venerate our spouses. I'm not sure what "venerate" is, as the Amplified version states in a similar list...but it must mean to really like and uphold someone as "it". "More than enough." "The thing for us."

Is it possible to communiate preference while indulging in others, if only in the mind? Is it possible to stay focused enough on building and protecting our own marriages while allowing others into our affections and attention, if only for moments? I think of women's romance books as much as with men and pornography...I think the attraction is similar for both for similar reasons. In addition, this article also brings up not just pornography, but internet addiction in general, notably tearing us away from needed time with our spouses.

The question this article leaves us with, irregardless of our convictions is: who or what is getting our best time and attention? Who should be getting it?

Worthwhile thoughts...


Anonymous said...

Check out www.pellucidly.com and see the true effects of porn. This fellow believer is fighting for his marriage. A curiousity over pornography lead to an addiction and adultery. I am so heart-broken for he and his wife. There are other books that I have read that show the devastating effects of pornography, Every Man's Battle, for example. In my opinion, pornography is Satan's greatest tools in breaking up marriages. I hate it with a passion!
Renee W.

Magnanimity said...

Thanks for sharing Renee. I saw that blog last week from Terrible Spellers link and have read a couple times, but did not know the entry point.

I have prayed today for God to bring male community and accountability for this brother, that he will not feel alone. I also pray that He will be the same God of the OT, and me God who makes springs in the desert, a roadway in the wilderness, and breaks chains of bondage we get ourselves into all so easily. We all have them.

Yes, that blog certainly helps us answer this question. It's been enlightening to see how an obviously devoted Christian can be drawn in further and further.

We will all be praying. I noticed that today he asked a female to refrain from "sympathizing" on his blog. I encourage you to read, but let his male friends, counselors, and God himself comment, lead, and guide.

Blessings, mercy, and the knowledge and peace and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with each and every one in a mighty way. Let's help and teach each other, and continue to pray!