The "Hipster P.D.A."

This Guy Falls Down: D*I*Y Planner had a post last year I've thought about a few times since helping you simply organize your life better. I run off of lists, so this appealed to me. I already have an infatuation with index cards, so I think the pair may work well.

Monday, I ran across some already color coded index cards at Wal*Mart, so the idea must have caught on. (I also saw a similar concept at Target in Evansville over the weekend, but in book form with color tabs--too big to fit in my pocket as I wish).

There is a move back to paper planning as computerized planning, which has never worked well for me. Stiff cards in my pocket reminds me I have something I was supposed to do today.

As a Mom, there is always an interesting collection of marbles, rocks, and buttons to be moved from my pocket to the right room and location, so as I walk from room to room, I've already gotten in the habit of checking my pockets. I think this system will be fun to try. I'll see how it goes.

I started an hour ago and have five cards filled already. Time to review how the "system" is supposed to work effectively beyond that. I went back to Third Day's blog to try to find the link. It's posted at the top. As I recall, you review the cards everyday, discard ones completed, add the color back in you discarded, and keep ones in the stack which will continue to the next day.

Click the link above for the how-to (and more an amanzing conglomeration of organizationally inclined folks than I can even fathom).

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