I think too many days of Spring cleaning is not good for the soul.
And I'm no where close to being done. Oh well. I've got all summer.

Last night was our last night of MasterLife. Twenty four weeks with a group and study. Bittersweet. So much I wish I had internalized by now...but at least I know are places I can work next. Last night we had to do another spiritual gifts inventory. I hate doing those things. It's hard to put into words why. I think because I know where my calling is in life right now irregardless of where I'm gifted. Sort of frustrating to think toward the spiritual gifting side when life just feels so daily most of the time. Survival. So many of the things that show up as "gifts" are just areas where I've grown more obedient or been discipled in...so I'm not sure.

I understand what scripture says about spiritual gifts, but God doesn't seem to called the equips, but He equips the called. He'll endow you, one way or another to cause you to be able to do what he wants you to do. If I only focused on building on my strengths, I'd never learn to trust him to work in my weakness and let himself be glorified in doing it for me...even in spiritual things. I don't know about you, but He tends to push me in my weakness much more than He capitalizes on my strengths. That way, I am dependant on Him. So, I don't get that. Why find out?

Obviously it's good to learn to work where we already have passion, zeal, excitment, and personal tendancy to do well. It inspires others when we are who we are and don't try to be everybody else. Give others room to move and not try to be God...being everything, doing everything...ourselves.
Well, today praise band practice morning, packing afternoon, fix supper, cut down the tree, Easter Choral Celebration rehearsal tonight.

I'll sleep good tonight.
My soul feels tired. I'm really ready to be over this cold. Spring break entails more work for moms than the standard week... try to get caught up on everything I can't easily get done on a normal week running everybody everywhere.

Yesterday in being the good wife getting caught up on these dreaded jobs, I manages to reward myself by spilling orange V8 Splash on my carpet. I've got to get the carpet cleaned today also.
I was going to clean the carpet anyway, but being forced makes is a real downer.

The sun is pretty today. Chocolate cake for breakfast. Decided to slow down this morning, reflect, watch Sponge Bob with Red.

Breathe in and breathe out.

Soon time to get the kids ready to take to grandmas and start "the schedule".



tunz4jesus said...

Well, today praise band practice morning, packing afternoon, fix supper, cut down the tree,

You all celebrate Easter with a tree like Christmas?

unless you really do...

Magnanimity said...

So funny!