Home Again

Thankfully we decided to go North 1 1/2 hrs. instead of South 1 1/2 hours for our Spring Break outting. We are home. We are safe. Only one intense storm cell and hail to reckon with where we were. We had a wonderful trip. Weather was better than we thought it would be.

We hiked, girls in sandles for over a mile in Audobon National Park (unprepared for good weather). It was one of my favorite family experiences. We can finally all HIKE together!!!! What JOY! A couple treat we've given up since motherhood for the most part. We had kids on shoulders part of the time, but that added to the joy (and challenge...sandles, with 40 pounds on my shoulders, going downhill). Great hiking there. We'll definately do it again. The kids said it was there favorite part of the trip...even above Chuck E. Cheese! We did the museum there at the park. Amazing to see the struggle of an artist. He's more legendary now than ever in his own life. So much of our own legacy will be that way. More cherished and examined after we are gone than ever when we are alive.

Circumstances of the Civil War caused his art originals to be sold for pennies on the dollar so that his family could survive. His son tried to finish his works prior to that to support his family and died from the stress of not being about to do so successfully.

A huge spiral staircase up to a castle-like tower thrilled the kids. We bought a bird watching guide to identify local birds in the back yard this summer.

Today, the mall. I still feel bad from this cold. I'm flat as a flitter. Nap time!

Today we found some spring and summer clothes and shoes on sale we all needed and used a lot of restraint to keep from buying the cutest trendiest things my eyes fell in love with...so, a success. My husband gave me THREE HOURS to shop in a mall, then took me to a drivethrough for quick food, and drove me home. Never has there been a greater gift. I was so tired from the mall. I tried on the first swimsuit I liked, it fit, I bought it...it was surpisingly on sale 1/3 off. That's enough greatness for a long time. Any woman who'se ever had a favorite suit and wanted another one like it when it wears out understands the high luck of this 1-1. Amazing. To find a swimsuit suitable for being out with your kids in all kinds of Mommy work and yet not look like a grandma--hard work.

I only bought one scrapbooking item on the trip. A magnetic stamp set of conversation words all stored in a metal box on sale at Target. Again...much restraint. Then again, I didn't much feel up to shopping.

We ate at Golden Corral--kid's choice. Great food and buffet, great for a family, and at Outback, which serves our family well every time it seems.

Drury Inn was the hotel of choice. They have the best provided breakfast in town, great service, great rooms. They get my vote.

Well, that's all the minutia I can think of.

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