Breathing In

I'm not sure words can describe today. A gift.

A sensory delight of smell, light, color, flowers, friends, daughter, food, food, sugar, fun, adventure, mishaps, and extravagance.

Pleasure. Indulgence. Craft. Hobby.

When you've been pushing hard...it feels so good to get away and just indulge. Today was one of those very rare days that just happened. A date with my daughter and a friend doing something just non obligatory.

None of us really thought it was going to work out, but a conference we had hoped we could fit in somehow.

The Creating Keepsakes Scrapbooking Convention in Nashville. All I can say is, "Wow!" How can paper do that much for a person? Letter? Pens? Textures?

Art waiting to happen with my family written all over it! I can hardly wait to dive in. Celebrate. Remember. Commemorate the chaos and make it meaningful...to myself. Memorable. I forget!

Opryland Hotel is a mecca of wonder and water and fish and light and green flora. Walking through the open atriums, I thought I'd not breathed so deeply in months. You couldn't just walk and look and appreciate the gardens...you took them in...breathed them in.

I've been there in the winter at Christmas, but nothing like this. COLOR!


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