Day 3

Time alone today.

Red begged to see Grandma. So, I let him go. Time alone sounds very good.

I thought I'd loosen up today: just play a bit...that was my plan. But, something inside me told me I needed LIFE. Not fluff. I needed the word, which is LIFE.

If you can't get the glory of God to pass by you on the mountain...you always have the word! So...a bit more effort on my part than I was in a mood to put forth. I took a nap on the couch, uninterrupted by phone, tv, or any thing. Then, I dove into today's study...again, not one interruption, laying there under an afghan, pages ruffling, reading more than required, finding a lot I needed. Making myself confess who God is, out loud, and worship him. Trust me, if you've been nursing a grudge, this is hard to do without tearing up. But, good for you.

My study today ironicallycentered on Moses's journey with God on his mountain...how inadequate he felt. How unworthy. Ill-equipped. Fallible.

God got a bit "put out" with him for suggesting he could not make him anything he wanted him to be for service. Angry with Moses, in fact! Yet...to give Moses confidence, God suggested Joshua, a skilled speaker, to speak for him. A parent who keeps solving problems, even when they are angry? I'm so glad that even if God is angry with me...he still works for my good, and helps me. Wow. What a God! THE God!

You know, as it turns out...I don't remember Joshua having to say a lot for Moses when it came down to it...do you? It was Moses's face who was radiant with the presence of God...and the people needed to see that...not hear flowery words. He had the very words of God. Moses needed no speech writer.

Let to go back to basics today if self care.

Also, to re-evaluate my spiritual armor in light of yesterday. My pants fell off again. Yup...got to have that Belt of Truth...only viewing yourself through it at all times.

Anyway, a good day to get caught up with myself a bit. I feel good.

Was reminded that God doesn't always choose to reveal himself to us as we want...but, he always promises to give us what we need.

"Seek me and you will find me if you seek me with all your heart".
"Seek me and I will be found by you."
"Draw near to God and he will draw near to you."

I don't know the references for those, but, like Ragu...it's in there. If you need references, look them up on a net Bible link in NIV. I don't have time add them today. Good verses to ingrain in your mind.


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