Bad News

We went to my first Seder meal tonight...a Jewish celebration Passover meal. It was awesome. But, first, we got bad news.

Our electric guitar, bass player, banjo player (one of the most brilliant and talented people I know-- works in upper management at a chemical plant) was helping a plant worker repair a machine today and was sprayed in the eye when chemical sprayed out of the machine. His eye was burned seven layers through. He will likely lose vision in that eye and will probably be lucky to save the eyeball at all. Two young children and a beautiful wife at home. Fortunately, he is also one of the most optimistic people I know. His sense of humor will still be as witty and beautiful even with an eye patch if necessary. We all pray for healing and for God to move miraculously...but the outlook is not good.

Pray for the safety of all those participating in your Easter services. I am led just now to pray for you, your families, and your "crews" right this moment.
Sadness. Trying to find thankfulness-- that it was not loss of hands?

Lord Jesus...be with my friend and brother, and my sister, a joy to my heart...be there in a manifest way. Bring yourself. Pour it on. Ease the incredible pain. Be there. Be gentle. Be loving. Be mighty. Bring rememberance of hope and your word and your awesome love.

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