I was just sitting here thinking, "There are days I wish I had a sister. Today is one of those days."

My little girl came up to me and said, "Mom, will you play with me, no one wants to. The boys are busy."

I am so thankful for my little girl.

Now, I have to go play.


Hump Day...I hope!

I just about blew up the pool pump after a meeting I didn't want to go to doing something I don't have time to do. Now, I'm waiting on parts, bored, not wanting to go to another meeting tonight necessarily.

Can't wait to get the pool opened and taken care of. Sometimes the expense and headache of it get the best of me. I just want it DONE. NOW.

I'll be glad to see the kids out there in it instead of in front of the TV and driving each other bonkers...and me bonkers!

All for today.



Memorial Sunday 2006

This Memorial Day was much better than last. Johnny came marching home.

Last year, two days after the birth of his son, my brother was shipped to the Persian Gulf. He did get to see the baby's birth, a praise. But, bittersweet. Today, he was home and part of our Memorial tribute to those who've served.

An emotional climax to a full year of worry and waiting and wishing and missing. I felt so honored and blessed to have him and his family stay with us last night. We put out the flags and played softball, went fishing this weekend, made homemade ice cream, strummed guitars, sang, worshipped together, him harmonizing in his old familiar tenor beside me in church...long heart to heart talks, apologies.

Tonight... I'm moody and tired. Just "too much" almost. But, not really. Perfect...and not so much. Surreal.
Hard for words.

I got three runs playing softball. (I didn't have a pic of that. But, I did like this one of the fishin' hole.)

Spinnin' out Cinnabon yeast rolls for bro.

The Boys Strummin' a Lick on the 'ole porch swing

Flash in Motion

Yes, I caught a catfish. He tasted yummy.


The Lame Game

Here are the last 100 visitors to this site from sitemeter.com. (Which is free and fun to use for bloggers.) Which dot are you?

Below" stats for 2005 (starting in August) to today.

On Anne's blog, she had us play, "The Lame Game", asking everyone to let her know:
1. who they were, (or net alias)
2. where they found her link,
3. their blog link (if they had one),
4. age (or decade 20s, 30s...),
5. A favorite peice of advice you've received (which was fun to think about).

It was so lame, I thought I'd ask you to play! (It was actually fun to know others who read her blog).

You don't have to answer if you don't want to, but I'd love to hear from you! Thought you'd like to know a bit about each other...I know I would! Thanks for reading!

Harried Delight

Having three kids home and expecting overnight company Sat night, family reunion Sat (need to cook something of substance to take), time with all extended family...it has it's joys...so why do I feel so entirely STREsSeD OuT? My house is getting on my nerves, my kids are getting on my nerves...they are griping, complaining, arguing, fussing, picking, and getting hurt every 10 minutes.

Other than that, a delightful day.

We went for a family walk and got caught in a thunderstorm last night. That was fun.



Relationships are the hardest work there is.

Working on a relationship?
Tired of thinking--about anything?
Soul weary?

Relationships are the hardest work there is.

The most valuable work. The most rewarding work. The hardest work. Most of us won't work that hard. Christians do. They value relationships above all else. It's who we are. We do the hard work of relationships, and more hard work, and more hard work. And we rejoice for the fruit...because it is good.

To work hard, and at the same time, make sure we let go and let God. A tender balance. One I'm committed to.

Anybody there? Press in, pull back. Give time. Hop back on the horse. Wisdom.

A great plan, but right now, I'm finding myself exhausted and frustrated in emotion. Doing odd jobs and work to make sure I don't overthink and analyze when it's not mine to deal with...it's the Lord's. I have a couple relationship 'stumps' right now where I'm just not happy with where God has me. But, where He has me is His best.

So, my answer for today is to try to make sure my delight is in the Lord...not perfection. Yesterday I was thinking on "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

I've always focused on the cause and effect there, and it sounds like a plan.

But, yesterday, I realized the blunt reality that I can find delight in my Lord. Not just answers, hard conversations, "praying"...but delight. Not just worship, or singing, or ministering to Him, or even submission or servanthood. DELIGHT. It struck me: "When's the last time I just delighted in Him?"

At the time, I was working on my kid's scrapbooks. I took a blow for that hobby yesterday that wounded my ego. It was unintentional, but in that situation, I was sensitive. And, I thought to myself, "I delight in the Lord when I do this."

I create. Remember. Rejoice in my family, my children. Focus on their "wins". In this, I delight in the Lord.

I started cleaning for guests and caring for my house, and I thought, "I don't always have the best attitude, but I love what I do. I love the work the Lord has filled my life with. I'm not always the best steward, but I love this. This place. This opportunity. This season. In this, I delight in the Lord."

I delight in my husband, my family, my kids, my friends. That base level delight is mine to take, to have, to rejoice in, and find great pleasure in, no matter what is still left to be done in those relationships. REJOICE!

I have so much to delight in.

Today, I choose to delight. Not to sit and just be with the Lord...but also, to live with Him. To delight with him on my journey in all He's given me. Not just be thankful in a passive declaration...but to enter into delight of all the blessings.

Today I will not be be stressed by what I don't like or understand. Today, I will not be easily offended...not offended at all, not because I'm not human, but because it's not worth my time. Today, I'll work hard, play intentionally, and DELIGHT as much as possible.

Today, I will have ended this day with one overriding thought...no fixing the world's problems, or my relationships, but having had "delighted". Today, in this, the Lord is more pleased. Grace is low.

A scripture to be careful of your many counsels lest you grow tired like the diviners. (I read it recently in my notes, but can't find the reference at this moment. It's OT.) I think that means that sometimes, we are to let God be God, let Him counsel, and be okay with resting. Going on our way. Letting go. Waiting until we feel fresh again before we speak. Waiting for the grace to catch up with us to deal with things.

And, waiting is the hardest work there is.


Rambling Road

We've been working on plans for the Memorial Day service today. I'm so excited about it. My brother is in on vacation leave and, now, having a family member who's served in the middle East...the whole patriotic thing hits me a whole lot closer to home.

He's going to sing in our service, "You Raise Me Up". Don't spoil the surprise! I get to introduce him. Man, I could do some work. He really creamed my tail playing tennis today. But, he cardioverted me when my heart got out of rhythm playing. Normal, abnormal rhythm, but something I've not dealt with in a year and a half. I'm going to have to get my lazy tail in shape and conditioned for the heat again. Bike...you are in for an oiling this weekend. Get ready to see me huffing it out. I need to get myself going. I keep having ambitions of my treadmill to keep from having to brave the elements, but the basement is a mess, the treadmill's on the blink, and I love being outside on my bike.

Well, this is one rambling one.

I'm so thankful I serve a God I can trust. I read a scripture this week that said, "those who trust the Lord find love everywhere they look." I'm sure that was from The Message, but it spoke to me. When I don't feel loved, it's not because of my circumstances or other people, it's simply because I'm not resting in Him, and because I don't trust His word that the situation will work for my good, no matter how painful or awkward it seems.

I can trust him!



Food War

This is a cruel joke. See, this is what happens to me. I defrosted the sausage for my aforementioned husband's breakfast. Went to bed early. Got up, cooked the sausage, scrambled the eggs, toasted the bagel, added the cheese, poured the milk. Okay, so I cooked breakfast...but that sounds way to easy.

I ate breakfast also. It was good. I love fresh Tropicana no pulp calcium added orange juice. This is one of life's greater luxeries I did not have while growing up.

I went back to bed. Because my sheets were nice and cool...and, I have a house with five children in it today--and I know I'll need all the R & R possible to handle the boy-girl wars inevitable to the agenda today.

Boy 1 comes, wants strawberry milk in a sippie cup. There are no sippie cups clean. I improvise. Win.

Girl two wants pancakes with chocolate chips. I'm tired. I'm not sure others want it. I don't cook it yet. Lose.

Girl three wants plain muffins with chocolate chips...no compromomises. I only have honey bran, or cinnamon. Lose.

Boy two wants the pancakes. His friend isn't up yet. No go. Lose.

Breakfast is a very complicated proposition.

I'm get tired, not from cooking: but from managing, negotiating, and timing the inevitable effort to not please everyone. The whining, griping, complaining, squeeling, and stomping over the food! Lunch seems to be my only "win-win" situation at present! I spend my meal prep time demanding everyone just get out of the kitchen and not ask questions...I know it will lead to fits and whining. I can't deal.

How do you do food?

Uh, this is the milk I have available for the day. Lose.


Just Do It; Just Be Happy

Well, I'd better blog while Red is proccupied with Nick Jr. for a moment. He'll soon want computer time. My main goal for the next month is to weed through his 510 photos from the last year and have his scrapbook ready to lay out for his birthday party celebrating his last year. My family who haven't been able to be around for all the "events" can catch up when they come visit. If I need to cook or clean while they are here...it's entertainment. I forget everything that happened. But, I can log it that way. They can get as much or as little as they want. They can scan or read it deeply. Most enjoy really reading it. It's an investment I'm glad I made. I usually wish I'd done it better, but I also value the best resources and skills I had at the time and seeing my passion for it grow. It demonstrates a valuable principle our pastor reminded us of yesterday...not an original word phrase, or a new one, but one worth saving, "JUST DO IT."

It takes all my spare time for at least a month, but if I never push hard and have a goal, I never get anything done. So, if you ask what I'm doing this month...now you know! If you want to come scrap with me...come on over.

In the meantime...I have a hankering to be a better mom and remember balance in it. I was up too late, then cranky on Sunday for hubbie, then sleep in late Monday to catch up and missed cooking his breakfast, appreciated the sleep, but missed ministering to him before he leaves for the day. This is something I've had to grow into. My attitude is still marginal most mornings...I'm not a morning person and really see nothing wrong with a rice crispy treat or bowl of cereal to hold me over til mid morning when it's a decent time for food in the tummy. But, I need to do better and better. Someday, we'll talk and pray together. Ironically, I'm not much of a talker either. I get bored with talking about the weather and the mundane. He never does. Life is always interesting and worth talking about to him. While I can write about anything, he can talk about anything and make it fun. I want to be a better wife to my dear one. I want to be there when he needs me; not just when I think he should need me. I want to be there for my kids more...to make moments, and work them into my hard pressed goals.

I read a quote I liked this week: Every now and then, stop in our pursuing of happiness and just be happy.

For a goal driven gal, a good reminder.

Off to work.

News Question

The US led a Taliban air strike killing 80 headlines today say. Did I miss something? What are we doing leading air attacks at this point?


Day of Bling

Today is Sunday. I had no obligations. I decided last night I'd stay up superlate and work on Red's scrapbook. Much to my dismay, morning came. I was fine....I had a nap scheduled from 11:01- until whenever.

Well, forgot about that "special" by invitation only baby shower I REALLY needed to get to. And the gift...which meant a trip to the store...and I was DEAD. I got four hours sleep last night...4. Quatro.

So, an hour or so later, I'm home, with gift, and need a nap...laid down twenty minutes.

A friend asked me to play keys tonight with her group. I didn't commit for sure. Came home from the baby shower at 4. Let my hubby get nap...he'd had the kids all day for me. I dozed 10 minutes sprawled out on the sofa, Disney show blaring. Woke up, had no idea what I looked like, brushed teeth, cleaned kitchen, cleaned laundry room (sort of), and back to the church at 5. I've tried to get people there for Sunday nights the last few weeks...not the easiest feat. You never know who will drop. So, sweet friend that I am. I went.

The one saving grace in this energy crisis? A new hot pink "bling" shirt. $78.00 at Goodies, I got it for $7.88. Yes. Serious blink and sparkle, baby! Now, see...I'm not much of a bling girl: nice t-shirt and khakies with brown sandals and belt sort of chick. However, if short on sleep and needing a push, I highly recommend a bling shirt. Creates lots of energy and fun from other people. They laugh. Keep you awake...very fun. I am so dead tonight.

I wanted to change before stage time tonight, under the lights, I'm sure it was a riot. But, hubbie with still asleep and I didn' t want to leave him crankie. When I got there, my brother in law told me I must have thought I was a Solid Gold dancer. That's confidence inspiring. Farm boy...what does he know anyway?

A girl's just gotta have son fun somewhere.

Why can't I get a decent pic of myself without my eyes almost shutting?

My friend is the Queen of Bling...one fun set of chicks...got my pic made with her this AM. You really can't tell the bling element from that pic. Wait, hang on....

There you go: Bling.

The day of Bling.


My Farmer--I love seeing him in the fields...always so relaxing for him

Searching...The Strawberry Patch, A BIG patch

My Strawberry Pickers

I now have a beautiful appreciation for my previously distained mop bucket

Finding strawberries in a weed patch. Mmmmm...these are the sweetest, reddest strawberries I've ever eaten in my life...even the little ones are scrumptuous

Final view of Cranium sculpture: Complete artistry...Can you guess?

Cranium "Strainium"


Thursday MaRVeL

Today is best blogged by pictures...there are many. My goal today was to get some order back, and find some simplicity to the schedule. It felt simple, but it was a very full, fun day. Very cool. Boy Wonder went to work with Mr. Wonderful today and they were home early with a new tire for Red's bike.

Surprises all day today!

Picnic food...Chicken Nuggets on Santa Plates with Baked Potatoes and Fruit, Yogurt, Oat Bowl...Mmmm. (I know, it looks a little gross). My bare feet close by make it seem more appetizing somehow...not!

Red had an inordinately good time with the basket

I asked Goldilocks to help me with the whites...I used to do the same thing as a girl...they SMELL so good and feel so soft.

Picnic at noon

My Day Started off better than expected...I found leftover Easter Chocolate bunny in the cabinet. Tasted like a horrible excuse for chocolate, but I endured it to the end.

Whoa There Nelly!

Learning to Ride without Training Wheels today!

This rose has potential.

The lens on my camera is dirty--see that awesome kite to the right of that speck? Time for Photoshop.

Flying Kites in the back yard today...wind was crazy!

My brother in from the navy, Goldilocks got to ride her first motorcycle...a Harley. Very Cool. She can only move up from there.

Mr. Wonderful on a Harley. yeah.

First Ride on a Harley for Red, too. We rode "spider style". He's just woken from a nap and was scared to death by the muffler in the dark.

My first strawberries...and yes, that's a bug. But, it was DELICIOUS! (The strawberry, not the bug).

They guys throwing a ball around today

Now, those are PRETTY roses!

First Day Lilies of Summer

Showing Uncle Dan HIS set of wheels

Band giving us some tunes..."Church on Fire"...great song

Friends...Wayne's trying to remember how to spell something I think

My family writing on the florrs...my brother, his wife, and my new nephew in visiting.

from Sunday

Our honorable minister of youth and music writing something profound on the concrete floors...we all wrote a life verse, prayer, or meaningful scripture before the hardwood is layed down. Very cool. He usually is far from the tie scene, but it was Mother's Day, and his baby was being dedicated, so we'll let it slide.


Mood Report

Tonight I just feel incurably exhausted.

Spiritually, emotionally, physically spent.

Deep down tired.

Went to the funeral home today. My aunt. Cancer. Smoker.

Tiring, curving, bumpy drive. Made me sick.

"Old" atmosphere. Without my husband.

My daughter agreed to go with me as a favor--I cheered very loudly! She's such a doll.

We ate bugles and sour candy and cokes for lunch on the way...my treat to her.

Upwards soccer closing tonight. Fun....happy-->sad.

I don't think I'll feel rested tomorrow.

But I need to rest. And clean off my desk. And start new.


New Pics

Posted some new pics at http://pdbscrapbooks.blogspot.com/ for a new scrapping friend if anybody's interested. I'll post her link as soon as she gets pics up.

I have scrap envy over a book of hers I saw last year at a convention in Nashville and have been trying to remember and duplicate her style or find her name since. Another friend thought she found her at another convention we attended recently...I confirmed that by email yesterday and am so excited about getting pics of that book! Seeing her book showed me how to my own writing and doodling in with the pictures.

Stickers, doodling, pictures, fun...the world is a great place if you can do that at 32 and have it valued!

This season add flip flops with feminine skirts and a pony tail, or heels with comfie jeans and blingy, dangly earrings? The world is a great place!

link to my doodling


A friend came and kidnapped us in her convertible Mustang last week. We picked up all the kids from school and took them riding and to Sonic Drive-in for slushies. It was so much fun to just do something totally stupid with them.

"Ponytail Sadness"

This is my proud the ponytail I was working very hard to grow. I loved it on fast days. This weekend, I decided to layer my hair to get a little more volume in it...and now, all I have left is s a teeny, tiny, stub. UGGGGGGHHHH!

I think that in two months, it will be back, maybe. Let's see, that's May, June July...surely I can hold out that long. It can sort of get it to stay in a clip still...with a lot of side clippies.

(I can't BELIEVE I did that! I've got to STOP watching "What Not to Wear!") A girl gets her ends layered and it looks great, and I go run for the scissors. Don't DO that!

My Fun Kisses

Oh yeah, he loves Mommy's kisses. He rubs 'em right off...I mean...rubs 'em in real good!



I'm in a hormonal fog this week. I can hardly wait until next week.

Men...you just don't know. Some women say, "Oh, I never noticed anything."

Right. Like some women say they never feel a contraction in labor. Mutants.

I think it brings about a mental cleansing sometimes...all the more sensitive emotions make me deals with "piles" that are usually sitting around that I really need to clean up, but have gotten used to...real estate stolen in my mind. Makes me conscience of one messy desk right now symbolic of piles that really need clearing.

Keep, give away or throw away. The cleaning experts tell us to MOVE IT! Move it somewhere.

I wonder if I can categorize mental piles that way. Keep it (work on it more), give it away (release it to the Lord), or throw it away (not necessarily or reparable or useful to mull fruther...forget it!) Create new "brain space" all clean and uncluttered and available for use again. Sounds as good as getting my desk piles cleared...soon.


Star Goalie


Just the cutest thing today! Checking out his star pin? I love my boys! I can call him "cute" and "babe" on my blog apparently...just can't yell it on the field. And he's decided I can't yell "flash" on the field either. (uggh!)

The Same Today

Boy Wonder broke my garage window with a baseball yesterday. (wow...that still happens today?) made me laugh in a nostalgic, rite of passage, way.

Promised Pic

Goldilocks New Hair. She has retained her natural curl after all. In the humidity of this week, it was curling right up...I was thrilled! We didn't cut off all the "baby curls" after all! I guess I can still call her Goldilocks after all!


Ready for Summer!

Today, I have a headache. The kind that just lingers all day. After three x-strength Tylenol, it's just a dull buzz behind my eyes. End of a hormonal week. I will survive all that nonsense, and all the nonsensical thoughts that tend to go with it.

Last week of Upward. Be glad for the free nights again. Family walks at dusk. Time for friends.

Mother's Day mania (honoring all the Mom's as best I can on a tight schedule without letting myself feel to guilty about not ever being able to do enough to love on them.)

I'm ready for Summer.

We started working on vacation plans this week. SO sweet to see my husband surf Disney's site for vacation ideas (shh, don't tell my kids yet!) and show me all there is to get excited about. When we went as a young couple, planning our own trip--my first to Disney ever-- was more special to me than anything I saw while I was there...except the fireworks...I loved the fireworks and the awesome parades. And Space Mountain. And riding there in a red borrowed convertible. Our graduation gift from schools to each other.


New Venue

Well, tonight I had to fill in coaching Upward soccer. Which is pretty interesting, considering I've never played soccer. But, it's the week we get to present the plan of salvation to the kids, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity this week. I was focused, active, running. We were on.

And...then...devotional time.

Dang it! They were all already saved.


I mean, "Yeah!"

I was REALLy hoping to lead one to the Lord on that wet field today.

But, one wanted to know what the pledge of allegience to the Bible was all about, and we taught him that, so that was fun. Actually, I'm not sure it they all are saved or not. I don't know them that well. I pray for them all to come to saving grace.


Keyboarding & Praise Band: Another Night Leading

Keyboarding & Praise Band: Another Night Leading:

I led praise band last night. It was a trip.

The band I started with had two people who worked at the same plant and an emergency came up = Replace two guitarists.

One normal drummer working, the other out of town=new drummer (who I later learned wasn't acclimated to 3/4 time yet....note to self).

I swapped two songs out of the set just before warm up, eliminated one they'd already done that AM, got rid of a hymn they couldn't figure out and didn't know "On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand"...I thought every Baptist knew that one!

Singers unavailable left and right this week= building a band from scratch can be a high challenge.

I begged the overtaxed minister of music to duet with me on vocals. We enjoyed a guitar led service with electric, austotic, and bass. No keyboards. I decided I wasn't going to try to play and lead at the same time this time just to see how that felt. I enjoyed it, except need to memorize better the the order within songs I plan to do next time to make things less stressful for me.

The toner was out of ink in the church copier for last minute copies. Fortunately, I was able to get the office unlocked--fifteen minutes after I started=feeling of chaos.

My pen was out of ink, my pencil lead broken=feeling of disorganization.

By the time the service started, I had so much brain haze I could hardly get out an intelligible comment! I said some flip flopped phrase mixing up words...the every so funny AV guys repeated it on my viewer screens for me. So funny! They have a way of getting us to laugh at ourselves. I love our tech people.

I'm used to playing the songs, not singing them=I realized that a couple songs were so low for my vocal range that I had a hard time lead harmonizing. "All Bow Down" seemed SO low. Days of Elijah seemed a lot lower than usual, too. I guess when I'm more nervous, my range narrows. Good time to find that out!

We'd started practice later than usual, trying to give people needed rest, but I won't start later than 4:30 from here on out. 5 practice for a 6 service was nuts. Somebody pop me for that one.

Anyway, God's grace prevailed, I didn't stress too much all week, and we stayed flexible, so all's well!

What is it about leading a worship service that drains a person SO MUCH the day after? You get the shakes after coming off adrenaline I guess? So weird every time. I don't know how seasoned leaders just keep going. Very impressive.



I read the comment to a blog last week that has me stirring-thinking. They were talking about "lifeless" or "empty" words to some worship songs that distract them.

The person's comment was that songs that celebrate our seeking or response to God rather than God himself are "empty". (I'm not going to share the name of the song -- it somehow distracts me to sing the song again after I've heard someone complain about it.)
I'll give an example of an old hymn similar in content I've always enjoyed: "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus".

"I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" comes in the context of not being able to do anything on my own. I know that. But, I think I struggle more not reinforcing, celebrating, and settling in my own heart what my priorities truly are...who my love truly is...and that is was, is, and continues to be up to my choice to keep him "chosen". The chosen one. My choice.

So, Yes, He enables me, calls me, and empowers me to do anything I do...but, I have a free will. Yes, He is the one who seeks me...but I must "find him", still. I must decide, He himself says that though He is the one who comes near to us and reveals himself to us...we MUST SEEK HIM WITH ALL OUR HEART IN ORDER TO FIND HIM! So, while it's not about me...it is about me.

I've never been more proud of any decision I've ever made. In singing this sone, I celebrate and affirm that. It feeds me to sing this song. I HAVE DECIDED! No one is making me do it, my family heritage doesn't dictate it, my religion doesn't require it, nor my country... I have decided. And I need to remember that I have decided and that I will not turn back, look left or right, up , or down for anything else...there is none other. I need to remember and remind myself...though none go with me...I still will follow.

I sing that celebrating! I mean...I got something totally RIGHT! Woo-HOO! Honestly, I don't think it's too far out there to imagine him getting tickled hearing us sing it. In one thing, I can always can find utter godly confidence in myself....if I keep choosing that right, everything else is A-Okay! I think he's glad that we get it!

Reminds me of something last week in church with one of my own kids. They asked us to think about a life verse we could write on the concrete with a Sharpie pen before it was covered in permanent flooring.... "A Firm Foundation" to stand on.

My son, half in jest, leaned over to me and said, "I know one! 'Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother."

I laughed and told his Dad, who smiled and rolled his eyes, appreciating the sentiment, however lighthearted. In the past, I've told him in jest that that's the most important verse in the Bible!

It did my heart good. Now...I didn't have any urge to say to him, "Now, son, you know I created you with my own body and taught you and grew you up...you really don't do anything I didn't teach you to do." No...I celebrated his joyful heart to want to please me and cheer me.

I imagine God adoring the fact that I celebrate my own love for Him as much as His love for me. His love makes me feel good, causes me to tick, and spurs me on to greater love for others.
Above all other loves, he's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul. Yup, I DO consider myself wisest of all people on the earth to have found and responded to that truth!!! Paul said, if we are going to glory...glory in our salvation. I'm not too convinced he's all that picky as to how we go about making him first, as long as we do it.

Another type of song mentioned, one I haven't heard, was a much discussed song by Chris Tomlin called: "Party" (deviating from the strong theology of his previous works.)

I don't know about you, but it sounds like a hoot to me! Fun...clapping...just have a good time in the Lord.

Seriously....do we always have to have a point wrapped in clear theology? Yeah, it's good to know why, and I'm not going to sing a non truth or be sacriligious or TRY to offend somebody else worshipping, I'm not saying that. But, okay...think of it this way:

Yesterday, my husband walks up behind me out of the clear blue, unexpectly home for minute, gives me a huge swing around the kitchen, plops me on the bar, and kisses me squarely. I am just no longer at a point in our relationship where I have to say, "Why'd you do that? What do you mean? What did I do? Are you for real?" Nope...I just enjoyed it and received it and was surprised by his love and play. I appreciate his love for me, the fun, the child-like "for no good reason" love.

Relating this to worship may be a stretch, but my question here is: Do we always have to be crystal clear in our intent with God? Can't we just wake up on some days and say to him, "Lord, I sure am wow-ed out today over you. PARTY! Let's have fun!" Yes, I'm listening to him. If he says, "No, dear, today you have work to do." Then, we work and I try to keep having fun, though it can be a downer, right? But, I still think people are just honored when we just want to go out and play. Do something fun together. We get so filled with having a purpose and making a point and redeeming the time that we just forget to play with those we care most about. I don't think we should exclude God from that. The days we've gone on bike rides together and enjoyed walks and planted flowers and done something unnecessary, but joyful...those times fill me. He doesn't require that we always have a solid point in everything we do. We aren't to intentionally dishonor others, serving them, or His schedule for us, but he lets us play!

Learn how to play, and to play with God. That sounds sacriligeous I know. I'll probably get a ton of email over this one.

I haven't heard Tomlin's song yet, but I sure hope it captures those pictures and thoughts for me.

Child-like play can seem too random in the wrong setting or with the wrong timing, but given the right mood...I could absolutely get a kick out of it. All I'm saying.

Bible example? Party! Israelites did that after a big battle. One check we learn from them is to not lose track of our enemy as we party...to stay strong. We are still warriors, even as we celebrate. To keep listening and hearing, even as we celebrate.

Well, those are my random, and not thoroughly undeveloped, in-process thoughts on "light" Christian lyrics. Yeah, I REALLY value songs that teach sound theology...especially in light of the Da Vinci Code. Be let's not be too reactionary. While we need to be grounded in something besides emotion, there's a lot to be said for focused emotion, too. I'm sure there are those who could say it better. Feel free to comment!

I think I'll go listen to "Party" on iTunes now.



Red and I just got home from the kid's school awards ceremony for highest grade averages in various subjects.
--They hold that "ceremony" just before the water balloon fights--

Boy Wonder was high on History, Bible, and Language this year.
Golden Girl on Math, Phonics, Reading, and Bible.

I'm so glad they shine like stars in their classes!
I hope their enjoyment of school continues as they grow.


Double to Single Spaced

--1st grade writing

Does any other Mother go through inordinate mood swings as the school year wraps up?

Tomorrow is the last day of school for my kids.

About this time, every day...I start feeling weepy.

I just had to clean up a couple stacks of school paper and got tearful putting them away. Well, for heaven's sake! Break time.

But, I'm not crazy. It IS sad!

The last year of third grade, and first grade, and a stay at home preschooler.

The last day of that in MY life.

I celebrate Summer, and a job well done, and life, and growth.

But the finality. The passing of time. The change. Wow. Time IS still ticking, isn't it?

Next year, they will be different. Different challenges, different strengths. They change so fast! They DO! Yes, same kids...but, last year, lefty Boy Wonder's writing was so bad I thought I'd have to hammer him to death to get him to pass handwriting! This year, it's a work of art, especially for a leftie...and I haven't had to say a word. I've mistaken his writing was his sister's several times! I'd accuse him, "Did you do this yourself? Are you SURE?"

Totally different kids...yet the same. Hopefully Golden Girl will remember her lunch more next year!

(click to enlarge...it is TOO worth it!)