Fog, Socks, & Dirt

Today...brain fog. Having a hard time focusing. Jumble...like sorting a basket of socks after I've not sorted them in months. And, then it takes three days to see where the strays are. And I hate it. It's a mess, and they are just socks after all.

So much going on this week!

I hope to find His sense of activity, purpose, direction, and activity. Even after my Bible Study for today, I just feel like I can't move there is just so much to think, do, pray, examine.

Lord, just be my bulldozer today-- be forceful and diliberate. Move the junk out of the way and pave the path to level ground. Help me make decisions and plans, and write and be ready. I am so unmotivated.



the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Don't you just hate days like that? I hope your day got better!

Magnanimity said...

It did. Thanks!

Advice from the mother of my best friend: "Just keep doing the thing in front of you and watch the list diminish. Trust God with the rest."

You know what? It worked!