Food War

This is a cruel joke. See, this is what happens to me. I defrosted the sausage for my aforementioned husband's breakfast. Went to bed early. Got up, cooked the sausage, scrambled the eggs, toasted the bagel, added the cheese, poured the milk. Okay, so I cooked breakfast...but that sounds way to easy.

I ate breakfast also. It was good. I love fresh Tropicana no pulp calcium added orange juice. This is one of life's greater luxeries I did not have while growing up.

I went back to bed. Because my sheets were nice and cool...and, I have a house with five children in it today--and I know I'll need all the R & R possible to handle the boy-girl wars inevitable to the agenda today.

Boy 1 comes, wants strawberry milk in a sippie cup. There are no sippie cups clean. I improvise. Win.

Girl two wants pancakes with chocolate chips. I'm tired. I'm not sure others want it. I don't cook it yet. Lose.

Girl three wants plain muffins with chocolate chips...no compromomises. I only have honey bran, or cinnamon. Lose.

Boy two wants the pancakes. His friend isn't up yet. No go. Lose.

Breakfast is a very complicated proposition.

I'm get tired, not from cooking: but from managing, negotiating, and timing the inevitable effort to not please everyone. The whining, griping, complaining, squeeling, and stomping over the food! Lunch seems to be my only "win-win" situation at present! I spend my meal prep time demanding everyone just get out of the kitchen and not ask questions...I know it will lead to fits and whining. I can't deal.

How do you do food?

Uh, this is the milk I have available for the day. Lose.


Tunz4jesus said...

The best food idea I had for mutiple child guests was the menu card. I listed the options on a "Carry Out Card", each child circled their choices for the day the night before. I had some special treats arranged so the meals were really pretty guided, who wouuldn't pick the monster cookie and cheese pizza? For breakfast we had a variety of donuts on hand and everyone found something they liked. These are not typical meals, I promise. The rule of thumb with guests though is to make it easy on myself. This allows more time to interact with the kids and I am not stressing about preparing difficult meals. Hope this helps, shari

esm said...

Great idea if your friend whom you are providing the favor for by keeping the two extra kids doesn't give you such short notice! No time to go to the store to have kid-friendly convenience items available. Sorry. Next time I will send some favorite breakfast choices. If it is any consolation, the kids had a great time. Thanks again.

Magnanimity said...

Menu card...clever. Next time I'm not in the middle of a breakdown over the coffee table getting broken after being used as a diving board onto the couch while I'm out tending to the flowers for an hour, I'll try being a little more creative. I did say I was looking forward to summer home with my kids, didn't I? Already week two for us...lots of limit testing!

Misty said...

Oh, sheesh! Mine are begging to go outside already. I do the shooing out of the kitchen thing. My daughter inevitably says, "I don't like...." everytime I make something, so I tell her to hush up, I'm not a short-order cook, so eat it or go hungry. Sounds harsh, but I don't want to get into the routine of fixing three different entrees for every meal.

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

My kids typically only complain over dinner (That's when we eat veggies. :)) Anyway, if there is one way to rev my temper, it's complaining over a meal that I have just prepared. So we spent two weeks "training" the kids in this matter last fall. We actually sent them to bed for the night if they said anything negative about what was put before them. It worked really fast. I still remind them not to complain before I tell them what's for dinner. For breakfast and lunch I either just prepare and they eat, or sometimes I give them a choice of two easy things. But I hardly ever make different things for them except if they want something different on a sandwich. Otherwise, we all eat the same thing. If one of them makes a request, I promise it for breakfast or lunch the next day.