Goodbye "Goldilocks"

This was a pic of the last time I got to brush her long, lovely, prone to curling on a hot summer's day locks.

My emotions are in a heap tonight.
So in love with my family.
So protective
and proud.
So sorrowful
and joyful.
There is no good verb or description for motherhood.

Tonight, my golilocks got her goldilocks cut off.
(*weep. weep. moist eyes in the house*)

I won't post an "after" pic of the event until her local friends have seen her "live". After all, this is her show, not mine.

Not now.

She is her own.

Wanting her own new style, new hair, new look. Shorter for summer pool weather.

I'd warmed her up to the idea a few weeks ago:

"Hon, you think you might like to have a bit of your hair trimmed to make it
easier to care for when you get out of the pool?"

"NO WAY! I AM NOT GETTING MY LONG HAIR CUT. NO! No way. Don't even THINK about it."

Discussion over. Not brought up again.

So, tonight we all went to mom's, and she decided it was time for a new look...to cut quite a bit off. Her Dad was taken aback, saying, "Are you SURE? Are WE sure?"

We cut three inches off (off a 6 yr. old's head...that's A LOT!). She decided it still looked too much the same (not seeing the back yet), and wanted another 1 1/2 inches off.

Knowing how she felt, needing a change, we made sure we'd still save the pony-tail, and I gave it an okay.

She was brave--she needed to do it.

I understand.

Wow. Now it looks she incredibly thick and shiny and healthy head, where it was getting long and tangled and lifeless on most "normal" days before.

All the way up until bedtime, she was is bouncing around like a million bucks. I know she can't wait to go to graduation (promotion) service at school tomorrow night with her "all grown up"look. (6:30 at the school...be there, or be square.)

After all that hoopla...even my son wanted a change. He only wanted his hair left long. (Thanks, E!) His thick head of hair? Right. So, trying my best to comply...we thinned it out a lot to make it not so heavy and left it as "long" as I could stand...well, compared to his normal summer buzz order.

So...the rest of us parents and grandparents just watched in wonder at our changing children who never used to care...until now.

Goodbye my lovely Goldilocks.

(*weep*hold it together, Mommy---*er...Mom.)

Hello.... ummmm,

"Golden Girl."

(Yup, that's it.)


Jules said...

Great story. Last year my 9yr old had grown her hair out because she saw a tv show where kids donated 10 inches of their hair to 'Locks of Love' so that survivors could have wigs with real hair. I was so impressed with her willingness to sacrafice. When it came time to cut it off, I was the one who didn't want to. It was so funny to hear her reassuring ME!
Have a great week!!

Misty said...

What a milestone! We got Meg's hair cut off just before she started preschool. First major haircut. She looks so cute with it bobbed off, though, and I'm sure your girl will too. It's hard because it's just a reminder of how much they're growing up on us. Just don't get it cut off so much that she looks like a boy. Every summer my mom got my hair cut that way, and people thought I was a boy all the time. Save lice or brain surgery, I will never get my girl's hair cut like that :)