Ready for Summer!

Today, I have a headache. The kind that just lingers all day. After three x-strength Tylenol, it's just a dull buzz behind my eyes. End of a hormonal week. I will survive all that nonsense, and all the nonsensical thoughts that tend to go with it.

Last week of Upward. Be glad for the free nights again. Family walks at dusk. Time for friends.

Mother's Day mania (honoring all the Mom's as best I can on a tight schedule without letting myself feel to guilty about not ever being able to do enough to love on them.)

I'm ready for Summer.

We started working on vacation plans this week. SO sweet to see my husband surf Disney's site for vacation ideas (shh, don't tell my kids yet!) and show me all there is to get excited about. When we went as a young couple, planning our own trip--my first to Disney ever-- was more special to me than anything I saw while I was there...except the fireworks...I loved the fireworks and the awesome parades. And Space Mountain. And riding there in a red borrowed convertible. Our graduation gift from schools to each other.

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