New Pics

Posted some new pics at http://pdbscrapbooks.blogspot.com/ for a new scrapping friend if anybody's interested. I'll post her link as soon as she gets pics up.

I have scrap envy over a book of hers I saw last year at a convention in Nashville and have been trying to remember and duplicate her style or find her name since. Another friend thought she found her at another convention we attended recently...I confirmed that by email yesterday and am so excited about getting pics of that book! Seeing her book showed me how to my own writing and doodling in with the pictures.

Stickers, doodling, pictures, fun...the world is a great place if you can do that at 32 and have it valued!

This season add flip flops with feminine skirts and a pony tail, or heels with comfie jeans and blingy, dangly earrings? The world is a great place!

link to my doodling


terrible speller said...

They look so amazing!

Magnanimity said...

Thanks! Love your new pic!