I read the comment to a blog last week that has me stirring-thinking. They were talking about "lifeless" or "empty" words to some worship songs that distract them.

The person's comment was that songs that celebrate our seeking or response to God rather than God himself are "empty". (I'm not going to share the name of the song -- it somehow distracts me to sing the song again after I've heard someone complain about it.)
I'll give an example of an old hymn similar in content I've always enjoyed: "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus".

"I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" comes in the context of not being able to do anything on my own. I know that. But, I think I struggle more not reinforcing, celebrating, and settling in my own heart what my priorities truly are...who my love truly is...and that is was, is, and continues to be up to my choice to keep him "chosen". The chosen one. My choice.

So, Yes, He enables me, calls me, and empowers me to do anything I do...but, I have a free will. Yes, He is the one who seeks me...but I must "find him", still. I must decide, He himself says that though He is the one who comes near to us and reveals himself to us...we MUST SEEK HIM WITH ALL OUR HEART IN ORDER TO FIND HIM! So, while it's not about me...it is about me.

I've never been more proud of any decision I've ever made. In singing this sone, I celebrate and affirm that. It feeds me to sing this song. I HAVE DECIDED! No one is making me do it, my family heritage doesn't dictate it, my religion doesn't require it, nor my country... I have decided. And I need to remember that I have decided and that I will not turn back, look left or right, up , or down for anything else...there is none other. I need to remember and remind myself...though none go with me...I still will follow.

I sing that celebrating! I mean...I got something totally RIGHT! Woo-HOO! Honestly, I don't think it's too far out there to imagine him getting tickled hearing us sing it. In one thing, I can always can find utter godly confidence in myself....if I keep choosing that right, everything else is A-Okay! I think he's glad that we get it!

Reminds me of something last week in church with one of my own kids. They asked us to think about a life verse we could write on the concrete with a Sharpie pen before it was covered in permanent flooring.... "A Firm Foundation" to stand on.

My son, half in jest, leaned over to me and said, "I know one! 'Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother."

I laughed and told his Dad, who smiled and rolled his eyes, appreciating the sentiment, however lighthearted. In the past, I've told him in jest that that's the most important verse in the Bible!

It did my heart good. Now...I didn't have any urge to say to him, "Now, son, you know I created you with my own body and taught you and grew you up...you really don't do anything I didn't teach you to do." No...I celebrated his joyful heart to want to please me and cheer me.

I imagine God adoring the fact that I celebrate my own love for Him as much as His love for me. His love makes me feel good, causes me to tick, and spurs me on to greater love for others.
Above all other loves, he's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul. Yup, I DO consider myself wisest of all people on the earth to have found and responded to that truth!!! Paul said, if we are going to glory...glory in our salvation. I'm not too convinced he's all that picky as to how we go about making him first, as long as we do it.

Another type of song mentioned, one I haven't heard, was a much discussed song by Chris Tomlin called: "Party" (deviating from the strong theology of his previous works.)

I don't know about you, but it sounds like a hoot to me! Fun...clapping...just have a good time in the Lord.

Seriously....do we always have to have a point wrapped in clear theology? Yeah, it's good to know why, and I'm not going to sing a non truth or be sacriligious or TRY to offend somebody else worshipping, I'm not saying that. But, okay...think of it this way:

Yesterday, my husband walks up behind me out of the clear blue, unexpectly home for minute, gives me a huge swing around the kitchen, plops me on the bar, and kisses me squarely. I am just no longer at a point in our relationship where I have to say, "Why'd you do that? What do you mean? What did I do? Are you for real?" Nope...I just enjoyed it and received it and was surprised by his love and play. I appreciate his love for me, the fun, the child-like "for no good reason" love.

Relating this to worship may be a stretch, but my question here is: Do we always have to be crystal clear in our intent with God? Can't we just wake up on some days and say to him, "Lord, I sure am wow-ed out today over you. PARTY! Let's have fun!" Yes, I'm listening to him. If he says, "No, dear, today you have work to do." Then, we work and I try to keep having fun, though it can be a downer, right? But, I still think people are just honored when we just want to go out and play. Do something fun together. We get so filled with having a purpose and making a point and redeeming the time that we just forget to play with those we care most about. I don't think we should exclude God from that. The days we've gone on bike rides together and enjoyed walks and planted flowers and done something unnecessary, but joyful...those times fill me. He doesn't require that we always have a solid point in everything we do. We aren't to intentionally dishonor others, serving them, or His schedule for us, but he lets us play!

Learn how to play, and to play with God. That sounds sacriligeous I know. I'll probably get a ton of email over this one.

I haven't heard Tomlin's song yet, but I sure hope it captures those pictures and thoughts for me.

Child-like play can seem too random in the wrong setting or with the wrong timing, but given the right mood...I could absolutely get a kick out of it. All I'm saying.

Bible example? Party! Israelites did that after a big battle. One check we learn from them is to not lose track of our enemy as we party...to stay strong. We are still warriors, even as we celebrate. To keep listening and hearing, even as we celebrate.

Well, those are my random, and not thoroughly undeveloped, in-process thoughts on "light" Christian lyrics. Yeah, I REALLY value songs that teach sound theology...especially in light of the Da Vinci Code. Be let's not be too reactionary. While we need to be grounded in something besides emotion, there's a lot to be said for focused emotion, too. I'm sure there are those who could say it better. Feel free to comment!

I think I'll go listen to "Party" on iTunes now.


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