Harried Delight

Having three kids home and expecting overnight company Sat night, family reunion Sat (need to cook something of substance to take), time with all extended family...it has it's joys...so why do I feel so entirely STREsSeD OuT? My house is getting on my nerves, my kids are getting on my nerves...they are griping, complaining, arguing, fussing, picking, and getting hurt every 10 minutes.

Other than that, a delightful day.

We went for a family walk and got caught in a thunderstorm last night. That was fun.


Jules said...

You need a TIME OUT lady.
Go right over there to that corner and have a latte and a good book!

Misty said...

Good advice! I just had some s'mores and coffee and a little Dr. Phil :) I can totally relate to the stress. We're getting ready to head out to Florida next week and out of town overnight, and Bryan's birthday is Sunday, and I'm buggin out! So much to pack and try to remember to take and catch up on, but I've been doing a bit at a time and got a big chunk done today, so a bit better.

I've also learned that if I focus on the positives, and let go just a little bit and lighten up some, that the stress is more managable. Let the kids argue until they get physical. Throw some clutter in an unused closet or room, sweep some dirt under a rug if you have to and enjoy the chaos!

esm said...

At least it took two weeks before your kids starting driving you crazy. I have only been with mine three days and I am about to pull out my hair! They were actually great the first two days, but on the third day, I broke my own rule and took both of them grocery shopping with me. DISASTER! I salavaged the day (after a time out for everyone) with lunch at McDonalds, pool, and then the video store for evening entertainment. Enjoy your family reunion.