Memorial Sunday 2006

This Memorial Day was much better than last. Johnny came marching home.

Last year, two days after the birth of his son, my brother was shipped to the Persian Gulf. He did get to see the baby's birth, a praise. But, bittersweet. Today, he was home and part of our Memorial tribute to those who've served.

An emotional climax to a full year of worry and waiting and wishing and missing. I felt so honored and blessed to have him and his family stay with us last night. We put out the flags and played softball, went fishing this weekend, made homemade ice cream, strummed guitars, sang, worshipped together, him harmonizing in his old familiar tenor beside me in church...long heart to heart talks, apologies.

Tonight... I'm moody and tired. Just "too much" almost. But, not really. Perfect...and not so much. Surreal.
Hard for words.

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