I'm in a hormonal fog this week. I can hardly wait until next week.

Men...you just don't know. Some women say, "Oh, I never noticed anything."

Right. Like some women say they never feel a contraction in labor. Mutants.

I think it brings about a mental cleansing sometimes...all the more sensitive emotions make me deals with "piles" that are usually sitting around that I really need to clean up, but have gotten used to...real estate stolen in my mind. Makes me conscience of one messy desk right now symbolic of piles that really need clearing.

Keep, give away or throw away. The cleaning experts tell us to MOVE IT! Move it somewhere.

I wonder if I can categorize mental piles that way. Keep it (work on it more), give it away (release it to the Lord), or throw it away (not necessarily or reparable or useful to mull fruther...forget it!) Create new "brain space" all clean and uncluttered and available for use again. Sounds as good as getting my desk piles cleared...soon.


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