Double to Single Spaced

--1st grade writing

Does any other Mother go through inordinate mood swings as the school year wraps up?

Tomorrow is the last day of school for my kids.

About this time, every day...I start feeling weepy.

I just had to clean up a couple stacks of school paper and got tearful putting them away. Well, for heaven's sake! Break time.

But, I'm not crazy. It IS sad!

The last year of third grade, and first grade, and a stay at home preschooler.

The last day of that in MY life.

I celebrate Summer, and a job well done, and life, and growth.

But the finality. The passing of time. The change. Wow. Time IS still ticking, isn't it?

Next year, they will be different. Different challenges, different strengths. They change so fast! They DO! Yes, same kids...but, last year, lefty Boy Wonder's writing was so bad I thought I'd have to hammer him to death to get him to pass handwriting! This year, it's a work of art, especially for a leftie...and I haven't had to say a word. I've mistaken his writing was his sister's several times! I'd accuse him, "Did you do this yourself? Are you SURE?"

Totally different kids...yet the same. Hopefully Golden Girl will remember her lunch more next year!

(click to enlarge...it is TOO worth it!)

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