Day of Bling

Today is Sunday. I had no obligations. I decided last night I'd stay up superlate and work on Red's scrapbook. Much to my dismay, morning came. I was fine....I had a nap scheduled from 11:01- until whenever.

Well, forgot about that "special" by invitation only baby shower I REALLY needed to get to. And the gift...which meant a trip to the store...and I was DEAD. I got four hours sleep last night...4. Quatro.

So, an hour or so later, I'm home, with gift, and need a nap...laid down twenty minutes.

A friend asked me to play keys tonight with her group. I didn't commit for sure. Came home from the baby shower at 4. Let my hubby get nap...he'd had the kids all day for me. I dozed 10 minutes sprawled out on the sofa, Disney show blaring. Woke up, had no idea what I looked like, brushed teeth, cleaned kitchen, cleaned laundry room (sort of), and back to the church at 5. I've tried to get people there for Sunday nights the last few weeks...not the easiest feat. You never know who will drop. So, sweet friend that I am. I went.

The one saving grace in this energy crisis? A new hot pink "bling" shirt. $78.00 at Goodies, I got it for $7.88. Yes. Serious blink and sparkle, baby! Now, see...I'm not much of a bling girl: nice t-shirt and khakies with brown sandals and belt sort of chick. However, if short on sleep and needing a push, I highly recommend a bling shirt. Creates lots of energy and fun from other people. They laugh. Keep you awake...very fun. I am so dead tonight.

I wanted to change before stage time tonight, under the lights, I'm sure it was a riot. But, hubbie with still asleep and I didn' t want to leave him crankie. When I got there, my brother in law told me I must have thought I was a Solid Gold dancer. That's confidence inspiring. Farm boy...what does he know anyway?

A girl's just gotta have son fun somewhere.

Why can't I get a decent pic of myself without my eyes almost shutting?

My friend is the Queen of Bling...one fun set of chicks...got my pic made with her this AM. You really can't tell the bling element from that pic. Wait, hang on....

There you go: Bling.

The day of Bling.


Jules said...

Love it!
Looks like $1000.00 on you!!:)

Misty said...

You look great! A little bling does a girl good! I've been enjoying buying little summer shirts for our vacation. Good change of pace from the tshirts and sweatpants :)