Relationships are the hardest work there is.

Working on a relationship?
Tired of thinking--about anything?
Soul weary?

Relationships are the hardest work there is.

The most valuable work. The most rewarding work. The hardest work. Most of us won't work that hard. Christians do. They value relationships above all else. It's who we are. We do the hard work of relationships, and more hard work, and more hard work. And we rejoice for the fruit...because it is good.

To work hard, and at the same time, make sure we let go and let God. A tender balance. One I'm committed to.

Anybody there? Press in, pull back. Give time. Hop back on the horse. Wisdom.

A great plan, but right now, I'm finding myself exhausted and frustrated in emotion. Doing odd jobs and work to make sure I don't overthink and analyze when it's not mine to deal with...it's the Lord's. I have a couple relationship 'stumps' right now where I'm just not happy with where God has me. But, where He has me is His best.

So, my answer for today is to try to make sure my delight is in the Lord...not perfection. Yesterday I was thinking on "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

I've always focused on the cause and effect there, and it sounds like a plan.

But, yesterday, I realized the blunt reality that I can find delight in my Lord. Not just answers, hard conversations, "praying"...but delight. Not just worship, or singing, or ministering to Him, or even submission or servanthood. DELIGHT. It struck me: "When's the last time I just delighted in Him?"

At the time, I was working on my kid's scrapbooks. I took a blow for that hobby yesterday that wounded my ego. It was unintentional, but in that situation, I was sensitive. And, I thought to myself, "I delight in the Lord when I do this."

I create. Remember. Rejoice in my family, my children. Focus on their "wins". In this, I delight in the Lord.

I started cleaning for guests and caring for my house, and I thought, "I don't always have the best attitude, but I love what I do. I love the work the Lord has filled my life with. I'm not always the best steward, but I love this. This place. This opportunity. This season. In this, I delight in the Lord."

I delight in my husband, my family, my kids, my friends. That base level delight is mine to take, to have, to rejoice in, and find great pleasure in, no matter what is still left to be done in those relationships. REJOICE!

I have so much to delight in.

Today, I choose to delight. Not to sit and just be with the Lord...but also, to live with Him. To delight with him on my journey in all He's given me. Not just be thankful in a passive declaration...but to enter into delight of all the blessings.

Today I will not be be stressed by what I don't like or understand. Today, I will not be easily offended...not offended at all, not because I'm not human, but because it's not worth my time. Today, I'll work hard, play intentionally, and DELIGHT as much as possible.

Today, I will have ended this day with one overriding thought...no fixing the world's problems, or my relationships, but having had "delighted". Today, in this, the Lord is more pleased. Grace is low.

A scripture to be careful of your many counsels lest you grow tired like the diviners. (I read it recently in my notes, but can't find the reference at this moment. It's OT.) I think that means that sometimes, we are to let God be God, let Him counsel, and be okay with resting. Going on our way. Letting go. Waiting until we feel fresh again before we speak. Waiting for the grace to catch up with us to deal with things.

And, waiting is the hardest work there is.

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His daughter said...

Delighting in the Lord keeps Him the focus, and, I believe praising Him fights spiritual battles very efficiently. It encourages our heart, speaks truth to our mind, and clears the air. Someone once said that when you are not sure what to do, or feel, to go back to those principles that you know are true, even the very simplest ones.(Jesus died for ME, I am God's child, etc.) I am glad you are going to the one that knows all the answers! Have a great day!