Just Do It; Just Be Happy

Well, I'd better blog while Red is proccupied with Nick Jr. for a moment. He'll soon want computer time. My main goal for the next month is to weed through his 510 photos from the last year and have his scrapbook ready to lay out for his birthday party celebrating his last year. My family who haven't been able to be around for all the "events" can catch up when they come visit. If I need to cook or clean while they are here...it's entertainment. I forget everything that happened. But, I can log it that way. They can get as much or as little as they want. They can scan or read it deeply. Most enjoy really reading it. It's an investment I'm glad I made. I usually wish I'd done it better, but I also value the best resources and skills I had at the time and seeing my passion for it grow. It demonstrates a valuable principle our pastor reminded us of yesterday...not an original word phrase, or a new one, but one worth saving, "JUST DO IT."

It takes all my spare time for at least a month, but if I never push hard and have a goal, I never get anything done. So, if you ask what I'm doing this month...now you know! If you want to come scrap with me...come on over.

In the meantime...I have a hankering to be a better mom and remember balance in it. I was up too late, then cranky on Sunday for hubbie, then sleep in late Monday to catch up and missed cooking his breakfast, appreciated the sleep, but missed ministering to him before he leaves for the day. This is something I've had to grow into. My attitude is still marginal most mornings...I'm not a morning person and really see nothing wrong with a rice crispy treat or bowl of cereal to hold me over til mid morning when it's a decent time for food in the tummy. But, I need to do better and better. Someday, we'll talk and pray together. Ironically, I'm not much of a talker either. I get bored with talking about the weather and the mundane. He never does. Life is always interesting and worth talking about to him. While I can write about anything, he can talk about anything and make it fun. I want to be a better wife to my dear one. I want to be there when he needs me; not just when I think he should need me. I want to be there for my kids more...to make moments, and work them into my hard pressed goals.

I read a quote I liked this week: Every now and then, stop in our pursuing of happiness and just be happy.

For a goal driven gal, a good reminder.

Off to work.

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