Brag Alert

Last night was good. My Golden Girl got highest GPA in her class, and my Boy Wonder got all A honor roll. He was .4 away from the top average (yesterday's health quiz determined the winner and he confused his cardiac with his diaphram...don't tell anyone!) Beat by the same blonde chick last year! Dog Gone It! Oh, well, she a sweetie pie...she deserves it.

They both had "near perfect attendance" and got a trophy for that. (Around here, that's a miracle.) I am so proud of them!

Golden Girl looked so pretty in her new scarf dress and new haircut and sequin hair clip. (You still can't tell much from the front, so that's not an "official hair cut pic yet...I'm being good.)

Boy Wonder had on "real clothes" and looked so clean cut and grown up! (I made him comb his hair to the side, which he hated. But, he looked so tall and proud.)

Well, another year down. I made it! I mean, THEY made it. My kids were "promoted".

I hope we did all we needed to. They are so happy and healthy...learning so much. Their teachers were both so sweet to them (left) and so complimentary. It makes a mother so proud.

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Misty said...

That's so great! They're so smart. Every time I talk to Boy Wonder, it's like I'm talking to a 25 year old :) I think he's even more mature than me.

If I survive preschool years, let me in on grade school survival.