The Lame Game

Here are the last 100 visitors to this site from sitemeter.com. (Which is free and fun to use for bloggers.) Which dot are you?

Below" stats for 2005 (starting in August) to today.

On Anne's blog, she had us play, "The Lame Game", asking everyone to let her know:
1. who they were, (or net alias)
2. where they found her link,
3. their blog link (if they had one),
4. age (or decade 20s, 30s...),
5. A favorite peice of advice you've received (which was fun to think about).

It was so lame, I thought I'd ask you to play! (It was actually fun to know others who read her blog).

You don't have to answer if you don't want to, but I'd love to hear from you! Thought you'd like to know a bit about each other...I know I would! Thanks for reading!


Jules said...

I got to play this on Anne's site too, so here it goes.
Two Blonde Boys> Raggamuffin Soul> to you.
It has been fun to watch your cluster map over there. It has been exploding!!

Jules said...

Here's the rest.
My blog is Family Jules:
I am 2 years from 40.
I live in CA.

Tunz4jesus said...

I also played on Anne's site.
1. Tunz4Jesus
2. Googled Purpose Driven
3. www.xanga.com/tunz4jesus
4. My kids think that dirt and I were created at about the same time, but am actually 44.
5. New advice that I would like to embrace. Love thy neighbor. I want to look for more opportunities to show love to the world for God's glory.