Rambling Road

We've been working on plans for the Memorial Day service today. I'm so excited about it. My brother is in on vacation leave and, now, having a family member who's served in the middle East...the whole patriotic thing hits me a whole lot closer to home.

He's going to sing in our service, "You Raise Me Up". Don't spoil the surprise! I get to introduce him. Man, I could do some work. He really creamed my tail playing tennis today. But, he cardioverted me when my heart got out of rhythm playing. Normal, abnormal rhythm, but something I've not dealt with in a year and a half. I'm going to have to get my lazy tail in shape and conditioned for the heat again. Bike...you are in for an oiling this weekend. Get ready to see me huffing it out. I need to get myself going. I keep having ambitions of my treadmill to keep from having to brave the elements, but the basement is a mess, the treadmill's on the blink, and I love being outside on my bike.

Well, this is one rambling one.

I'm so thankful I serve a God I can trust. I read a scripture this week that said, "those who trust the Lord find love everywhere they look." I'm sure that was from The Message, but it spoke to me. When I don't feel loved, it's not because of my circumstances or other people, it's simply because I'm not resting in Him, and because I don't trust His word that the situation will work for my good, no matter how painful or awkward it seems.

I can trust him!


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Jules said...

I'm right there with ya! I am on week 3 of doing 5/week workouts. I tried to play tag with my 5 year old, and I kept saying "Unhitch that trailer and run!!". Yikes.