First Night

Night one. Finished. The first comment I heard was: "Wow. The Spirit of God fell down out there. It was powerful."

All I need to know. Where there mistakes.


But, I went in with 4-5 promp questions on my mind answered and dealt with, the score ready, and secondary percussion where we had holes.

It was fun.

One more time.

Amazing to work five weeks so hard on a peice and play it twice, but get to play it well. In the fast paced world of Sunday morning praise and worship week after week in a whirlwind, we just don't get to plan to do a worship event this well.

It's been so refreshing to have saxes and horns and penny whistles and tubular chimes and an astounding picked guitar peice.

I'm in awe that our hodge podge can learn something so intricate and beautiful and give it back to the Lord in worship...that the testimonies of people coming from such "low" circumstances have turned around to bless our body with such strong people.

One beautiful lady from a broken family background jaded by weight issues and anorexia and self esteem problems...now getting all her family into church, meeting Jesus saved. People from her family being drawn back here from all over the country because of her light, joy, and faithfulness. Brothers, sisters, mother, father...all coming to an intimate walk with Christ.

Then, a man ravaged by increasing depths of substance abuse and drug problems all his life...since he was in his mid teen years. All through life, killing his body. His family torn, ripped apart, broken. Now, his young son and their young family shares the life of a saving Christ with him over and over until he cannot deny any longer the thing he needs is not in anything external...not even his family. It's only in Christ. Only in Christ can he be set free, healed, whole, fulfilled, and delivered. He still struggles with life, but he is free.

Then to join back in and worship to "Blessed Be Your Name", or "In Christ Alone" with full orchestra sounds going on. It's just chilling. People were out of their seats. I believe God brought those who needed to hear and will continue to touch people tomorrow.


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