Entertainment Weary

I am so hungry for contemplative Chrisitianity. Not a boring Christianity. Not one that over-thinks and over analyzes...but a thoughtful one.

Thoughtful lives given toward considerations of obedience. Living the word. Trusting the principles and the promises.

That's really all I have on my mind today. Not sure why. I think it's because I realize how shallow we've all become. As long as we look good and entertaining and keep people happy...we draw people?

Do we risk becoming like prime time shows, constantly looking for the new thing, the shock factor, the coolest, neatest thing that sets us apart? What about the presence and power of everyday discipleship?

I have a friend right now undergoing a lot of life suffering...to be honest, the faithfulness of her life speaks far more to me than anything I've seen and heard in the last six months. Continuing to walk the walk when she keeps praying and things don't get better, the situation the same, the trial extended. She is blessed compared to many, but her walk with the Lord is being very tried. Can she trust him?

This is a great mystery. One that compels me. People's stories. Their real lives. Hearing from real people with real problems just like mine. Reminds me that the fun, the blessings, the problems, the pain, the stress ARE all mixed in together...and somehow, I'm supposed to be able to find a way to walk on water on top of it all. Abiding Joy...real reason to smile.

And, I am not satisfied until I find that. I am so stubborn, bent on finding a place where people are perfect and the system works great and no one is put out. But, our God is a God to showcase grace. That grace cannot be demonstrated in a perfect system.

That gives me great reason to smile. That we so blow it...and he "so shows up" anyway, making us one great working demonstration of his grace as we all work together, bent on honoring him above all else.

Do you understand what I'm talking about as to the feel of "entertainment" of Christianity as opposed to real discipleship? What's your take? I sure want to have fun...don't get me wrong...but, not at the expense of discipleship. How do you balance that mentality?


tunz4jesus said...

Think I understand what you mean about the entertainment of Christianity. Feed me mentality, perhaps? reminds me of the baby birds in the nest with mouths gapng open sqwaking loudly. I also remember that the mama eventaully pushes them out of the nest, when they are able to fly. Scary, huh?

Jules said...

I believe real joy doesn't always have a smile to give, but always has a hope. Sometimes I feel that the trial produces the hope. Not afterward, but during.Hope that, even though I am in anguish, that there is a loving God and a heavenly crowd of witnesses cheering me on to stay the course of prayer and communication and need for my Father.This causes me to grow in my love and hunger for God's purposes in my life.

Misty said...

I see what you mean. People want to be entertained sometimes more than really "connect". It's the whole mantra of the modern times, "anyway you want it", "just do it", "i'm lovin it", etc. What can we get out of it? Not what can we do for God or for others. Kind of the natural state of our beings too, survival instincts. It takes much perseverance and discipline to let go of self and cling to an unseen, often untangible God.