Why It Is...

Today I went to Wal*Mart, bought grocery stock for the month, talked with my special checker lady who makes my life gold, cooked lunch for two aunts out of town, came home, and crashed by 3:00. Went and got the kids from school. Now, I'm doing snacks for kids who are never satisfied!

Today I decided to eat better, make better choices, exercise, and serve. This is sure to improve any life...and I am proud of those choices and hope they sustain. I've gotten lazy in some things. This does make life fulfilling and moves up the curve, however, my life has slowly disentegrated into one never ending cold. I think I'm developing a sinus infection...again.

Time for the big guns. I've fought it another two weeks...time for antibiotics and hopefully some energy and wellness.

This is definately a mundane and daily blog entry...but, real, athentic, and a good reminder as to why this Monday is the way it is!

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