Da Tree

The tree blown over by the huge storm. The kids found a fort...they were so upset to have Dad chopping on it. I remember. All three are in the pic...you just have to look VERY close! (Secret rooms!)

Hardly anyone showed up for band practice last night. Missing three critical people was annoying....miscommunication. But, we got some things wrinkled out I personally needed some answers to as far as order and keyboard part...and the choir worked on some voicings. But then, we had to break everything down for a wedding this weekend. Will make for a very early Sunday morning. When God's tests your joy and servant's heart on night's like that. I could have been heading out of town with the fam for another night of vacation. But, I chose to have fun.

Late last night worked on the Upward soccer devotion for next week. Hopefully we won't get rained out again. It feels good to be leaving town with no big jobs undone and no huge surprises waiting when I get back (at least an attempt to minimize and get ahead).

Getting some games together for us to play as a family. It's supposed to rain every day we are gone...rain now, true to form! As long as we hit Chuck E. Cheese and the hotel pool, I think it will rate as a success with the kids anyway!

I need shoes for everyone for Spring-Easter. Have shoes, it will be a success for me!

On to meet husband's departure deadline! I hope the kids argue less on the trip than they have been this morning. I think they were all up at 5!



tunz4jesus said...

Oh, that tree, I bet it was beautiful. I am sorry that it was destroyed. Very grateful that your family was safe, though. I feel you on the worship team practice. We just had a meeting Monday night discussing code of conduct and such, the people who missed the meeting are the ones who are chronically late, talk or play while our leader is speaking, etc. Have a good trip.

Tunz4jesus said...

Caught the news about more tornados in TN. Praying for safety for you and your family.