My back is in a wad. Numb nerve pain down my right arm and hand. I really hate it when things get stressful and that happens. Muscle relaxers started today...I can't have my hand numb and play keyboard, now can I?

Took the morning "off". Ran to another town to get cupcakes for an Easter party I didn't know my daughters class was having, made a hospital visit, and shopped with Red. I bought him a couple fun toys just for the joy of seeing him elated. He wore his snorkel and goggles shoe shopping...we had to buy shoes. He didn't wear any today and we had to go to the hospital. He wore his goggles into the hospital and gave our elderly friend a daisy he'd picked wearing them. What a hoot.

We ate Oatmeal Cream Pies and Fruit Cocktail for lunch.

I'm planning on working on some wreaths and on cleaning my house this afternoon before evening mania hits for supper time.

Days just don't get more beautiful than this. It's perfect. I'll have to go just sit outside for a few minutes somewhere.


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