Performance Day Tomorrow

Last practice.

I'll fill bass. Just one song I need to work on for strings now. Three soccer games AM/egg hunt PM/. Whew. Tomorrow is sure full. Shoot...so is Sunday.

The strings just start grinding on my nerves head synth-ed through the monitor with no voices to tone them down for me. By that song at the end, I'm tired, my ears are tired, and I'm not wanting to play in the key of E with 4 sharps ANY MORE in a complicated score! D#?! Ughhhhh! STRIKE! Bang my head against a wall!

Maybe I can find a sound that doesn't give me a headache in the upper octave. That would help.

For now, Wal* Mart for panty hose for my daughter for Easter morning and a vaccuum cleaner--killed mine on the patio last night with an unsuspecting penny...worse grinding rip noise I think I've ever heard!

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