First, a praise: They upgraded my friend's chance of keeping his eyeball from 5% to 30% today. The chap plans on playing in the freakin' Easter celebration...with his eyes closed. Yeah, he's that good. Wow. Talk about dedication and a person who won't let go of what they love doing until the grave. Praise God! What an inspiration.

I wish I felt inspired tonight. I have a freakin' knot in my back about to kill me. Relaxing even sounds stressful. I'd take a long hot bath, but that seems to waste time. I have the time, but that's not the point. Time is not to be wasted in a week like this! Be prepared!

Geez. I'm a freak. A freakin' freak. And I've been around my little Navy brother too long because everything's freakin' somethin'. Which is better than what he could say, but it's freakin' annoying to be so freakin' freaky.

Did I mention the air conditioning is out at the church. Man! Turbo lights and no air. I was freakin' pourin'. Some youth girl came and saw me wrestling with my shoulder length hair trying to cram a mechanical pencil in it to get the stuff off my neck and said, "Here's this if you need it." I'm like..."What the...? What? What did you need need? What is..." Oh my gosh...a hair rubber bandy thingy. I worship you, my child. You are my handmaiden, my servant...God sent you here for me. I just know it.

Yeah...things get freakin' melodramatic on week's like this.

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