My Aunts House

Friday we stayed at my Aunt's house. Wow. Crystal-- EVERYWHERE, and roses, and glittery fruit, and porcelein figurines and gazillion clocks. It just leaves you... breathless.

They've never had kids.


The house is immaculate.

Everything, always, in it's place.

Nice to be "treated" by everything being as close to perfect as humanly possible! They even clean the shower everytime they bathe for each other to have a clean shower next. Wow. I usually clean it when it starts growing something I can see or feel.

Ever imagined what you might be like without kids? Amazes me the contrast of what reality is everytime I go visit them.

I'm going to make her a scrapbook of her house. I think she'd like it.

Three shining china cabinets full of crystal in addition to table crystal EVERYWHERE.

I had to take two clocks out of my bedroom to be able to get to sleep. Too many ticks! That still left three clocks. (She said she likes to be able to look anywhere in the room and know what time it is. No...they are NEVER late.) Imagine a life where you COULD be on time everywhere you went and be annoyed by people who weren't. Oh, goodness.

In contrast, I walked in my back door last night to a huge camping tent set up in my living room attached by fishing wire to the ceiling fan, and chocolate dripping down the counters where my kids and husband has made S'Mores over the gas cooktop in the kitchen.

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