Need to Downsize

Man! I need to downsize. I used to think CDs were so tiny. I looked through and narrowed down what I thought my suite my mood for the plane trips. Got it down to 20 CDs. A lot of weight in a chick's purse! I don't transport music a whole lot, so it's usually not a big deal, but I'm thinking those little arm strap on MP3-4-5s (what number is it by now?) sound pretty darn good. I want my magazines to read on one, too.

And I want to be able to take my cross-stitch, dang it! RULES, rules, rules. No scissors, no needles. Geez. Cross Word Puzzles? That sounds like a blast.

See you in Virginia!

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Misty said...

I didn't know you were flying out this weekend. I hope you have a safe, happy trip. Have fun with your nephew! I'm trying to fight fever/chills and not wanting to get off the couch--but so hard to rest with the youngins around, as you know :) Take it easy!